The study of Art and Design at Mayfield allows each individual student to communicate and express their thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas in an open and creative environment.

Drawing and painting provides the foundation of our creative process; the analysis of visual artists underpins our ethos and working practice. As girls progress they develop a critical, historical and contextual understanding of the art world and how this applies to their current working practice.

The girls explore and experiment with a wide range of media and techniques in both two and three dimensions. Through a series of practical workshops each girl will refine her skills using paint, charcoal, inks, fabric, threads, wire, jewellery, modroc, collage, photography, Photoshop and various print making techniques.

The girls study the work of both contemporary and historical artists, reflecting upon how they influence and inspire their work. This symbiotic process encourages the girls to develop and refine their ideas, and achieve original and exciting outcomes.

Each student works to find her own personal creative route in fine art, fashion, textiles, graphics, photography or three-dimensional sculpture. The girls are encouraged to have an open and inquisitive mind, to think for themselves and use their imagination, developing their ability to question, generate ideas, take risks and problem solve.

Life drawing is an important disclipline which, for GCSE and A level students, establishes the fundamentals of drawing and encourages personal expression. It also forms an important element of the student’s portfolio when applying for foundation or degree courses.

Trips to galleries, museums and a new Artist in Residence Programme provide  vital  inspiration and experience for students to see original art work first-hand and learn from professional art practitioners.

Current GCSE, A Level & Pre-U Art Work - March 2016
Current GCSE & A Level Art Work - February 2016
Current GCSE & A Level Work - October 2015
GCSE & A Level Art Exhibition - Summer 2015