‘Classics’ is the study of the languages, culture, history and thought of the civilisations of Ancient Greece and Rome. As such, it is one of the most interdisciplinary of subjects, making it constantly fresh and challenging, and encouraging mental versatility.

The department is a lively and exciting part of the school community and offers clubs, competitions, plays and even Roman and Greek cookery.  We offer Classical Greek, Latin and Classical Civilisation up to and including A level. We pride ourselves not only on our academic success but also on our involvement in extra-curricular activities. 

Educational trips are an integral part of the classics at Mayfield. Girls visit Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire to study Roman agriculture and building, as well as the Roman Villa of Fishbourne Palace.  

Girls studying Classical Civilisation visit the National Gallery and the British Museum to see art inspired by the Greek myths.

Every two years the  Classics department leads a trip to Greece or Rome and Pompeii for all girls studying Classics from Years 10 - 13.