As you know, we are always interested in hearing about OCs after they have left Mayfield and are particularly keen for you to come and share your experiences not least in the world of work. We are keen to ensure that we are not simply promoting careers to prepare girls for the working world, but as a way of preparing today’s Mayfield girls to respond to ‘the wants of the age’.

I have been immensely encouraged by how many of you have generously helped be it through talks, presentations and offering opportunities for work shadowing and work experience placements. We look forward to building on this in the future. Mayfield girls have a history of taking up a diverse range of careers, often being pioneering in their fields and never letting gender stereotyping stand in their way. However, clearly some careers are more welcoming to women than others.

Under the auspices of GSA, we are becoming involved in a campaign called Dads4Daughters, which began at St Paul's Girls’ School. We aim to enlist the help, support and perspective of our fathers in improving the way men perceive women in the workplace, so achieving greater parity. Drawing together evidence from the experience of alumnae from a range of GSA schools provides a valuable resource. We are hoping that you will take part in our survey, so that we have a specifically Mayfield perspective, which we can then share more widely and contribute to the bigger picture. There are ten questions and it should take approximately ten minutes to complete.

Your answers will be crucial in the consideration of gender bias in the workplace and not only help us help our current pupils create strategies for overcoming gender barriers if they encounter them in the future, but to encourage, even inspire, fathers to effect change in their workplaces. We are anticipating sharing the results in some form, depending on the scale of the response.

I hope that you will be able to take the time to be involved in this survey. If you are interested in more information, please get in touch via our alumnae coordinator Claire Ball, We look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Antonia Beary

Dads4Daughters: Alumnae Survey