The study of Economics is all about the allocation of scarce resources, or who gets what, why, where and how.

Economics gives us an understanding of how and why we place values on the things in our lives. It can explain why global financial crises arise, why a cup of coffee costs £2.20 in Starbucks but only 85p in the local cafe and why Robert Pattinson earned only $2 million for Twilight but $12 million for New Moon. Economics can give you the tools to understand the world around us from the actions of governments to the decisions of people in the biscuit aisle in Sainsbury's.

Economics is a popular Sixth Form choice. Globalisation, employment, inflation, consumption, growth and financial planning are issues which affect all of us.  The subject helps girls to develop a wide range of skills, knowledge, debate, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and organisation.

Economics links with many other Sixth Form courses, particularly Geography, Politics and Maths.

All girls take part in a student investor share trading challenge, where teams of four invest a virtual £100,000 in a set of stocks with a chance of winning cash prizes and a trip to New York.

The school also enters the Bank of England’s Target 2.0 competition.  Four Economics students are chosen to give a presentation to Bank of England representatives about what monetary policy they would set to achieve the government’s inflation target of 2%.

Girls also enter the annual RES Economics essay competition.