History explores the exciting relationship between the past and today’s world.

History is an exciting and relevant subject. We want our pupils to leave Mayfield with an excellent understanding of the past, the skills they will need to succeed in the future, and a love for the events, individuals and societies that have shaped our world.

We foster the girls’ intellectual curiosity and equip them with the analytical skills they need to understand and thrive in modern society.

In the History Department we study a wide range of topics across different periods of history, from the Middle Ages to the modern world. Throughout Years 7 to 8 we examine some of the key events, individuals, ideas and societies in British history from the Roman occupation to the industrial revolution. Year 9 girls study modern European and world history, including a detailed study on the Black Peoples of the Americas, the Holocaust and the First World War.

We want pupils to be passionate about the past and to examine events and the actions of individuals with a critical and enquiring mind.  There is a strong focus on pupils developing analytical and evaluative skills. Girls across the age range use original documents, artefacts, art and architecture, to further their historical knowledge and understanding.  We except active participation, empathy, tolerance and respect for different nationalities, races and beliefs.

The girls’ enthusiasm and curiosity about the past are inspired by trips and visits.  In Lower School girls participate in interactive workshops on Saxon life, visit Michelham Priory and Canterbury. In Year 9 they travel to the battlefields and memorials of the First World on a residential trip to Belgium and France. The Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons is a fascinating illustration of the history of medicine for Year 10 girls. GCSE and A level students also have the wonderful opportunity to visit key historical sites in Germany. 

Our popular GCSE course features a fascinating thematic course on the history of medicine, an in-depth exploration of German history post World War One, as well as studies of Elizabethan England and the British involvement in America.

At A level, the History department offers a selection of topics including the Cold War, Georgian Britain, Tudor England and modern Russian history