Modern Foreign Languages

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, you speak to his head.  If you talk to him in HIS language, you speak to his HEART!

Nelson Mandela

We believe the importance of learning foreign languages cannot be overstated. At Mayfield, our girls do not just learn languages, they also discover how to learn languages, whilst developing a genuine interest in the country or countries in which the language is spoken. Knowledge of other languages enhances employment prospects, in every industry. Learning another language enables our students to experience the excitement of communicating, as well as allowing them to experience other cultures from the inside, enriching their experience of travel and giving them a sense of perspective which will enable them to develop a balanced and tolerant world view.

In short, language learning is a lifelong adventure.

All girls have to study at least one foreign language for GCSE and many choose to do two or, in exceptional circumstances, three. French, German and Spanish are taught up to A level. Foreign language literature is taught at A level in order to motivate learners and provide insights into other cultures.  We offer Italian GCSE for all years as an extra-curricular subject, as well as Mandarin. Languages are taught in a mixture of English and the target language.  Our aim is not only to teach girls a language but also to help them learn how to learn a language and to take a genuine interest in the country or countries in which the language is spoken.

Residential language courses take place in the summer term. Cinema and theatre trips to foreign language films and plays are organised for girls, particularly the Sixth Form.