We want to inspire the women mathematicians of the future.

The Mayfield Mathematics Department encourages all girls to fulfil their mathematical potential in an environment where they can work with understanding and be challenged and extended. Each student has continuity in their mathematical development, from preparatory or primary school to the sitting of public examinations. 

Girls develop their mathematical knowledge and oral, written and practical skills.  We build confidence, and develop a feel for numbers.  Girls carry out calculations and understand the significance of the results; they apply mathematics in everyday situations and develop an understanding of the part it plays in the world around them.  They solve problems, present the solutions clearly, check and interpret results and develop an understanding of mathematical principles.

Mathematics is a compulsory core subject at GCSE level and both Mathematics and Further Mathematics may be studied at A level.

Maths Clinics are run by members of staff over lunchtime on two days every week.  Students are encouraged to attend these for additional support should the need arise.

The majority of pupils are entered for the UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) Mathematical Challenges at Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. The School also enters a Senior and Junior team for the UKMT Team Challenges. Students are encouraged to participate in national competitions and to extend their experience of Mathematics by attending talks by inspiring mathematicians as and when the opportunities arise.