MAYFIELD SPARK Boarding (For Girls Only)

For overseas students and UK based girls aged 8 to 14

Following on from the success of SPARK Boarding in Summer 2017, Summer 2018 will see the second week of SPARK Boarding. Girls aged 8 -14 can arrive on Sunday 29th July 2018 and stay in ‘Leeds’ Boarding House until Friday 3rd August experiencing Mayfield School life through their popular summer camp.

Day programme

SPARK camps offer a unique opportunity to take part in new, fun, educational, creative and sporting workshops with other like-minded girls. Some of these will be local children and others will be from overseas keen to sample a traditional boarding experience.

All Mayfield SPARK children on arrival receive a t-shirt to represent the age group they are in and the types of courses they will take part in. During the day the children participate in three workshops chosen from an exciting list of activities such as textiles, art, drama, personal survival, hockey, pottery, photoshop, athletics and film making. They will integrate with a variety of different staff and children, making a fantastic environment for their personal development. For more information on these classes please click on the SPARK Summer pages.

Sample Information on options and day programme

Evening programme

Each evening when SPARK camp finishes the Girls staying in Leeds Boarding house will continue to enjoy a full programme of activities. The table below shows the proposed schedule for 2018.

On Friday 3rd August at 15.30 there will be a production in the Concert Hall showcasing the children’s work from the week, including drama, art, musical production, film making and textiles. The children can then be collected from Leeds Boarding House at approximately 17.00.

SPARK Boarding Programme