Pastoral care

One of the most rewarding elements of any teacher’s experience in a school is to see that you have made a genuine contribution to the way a girl understands and relates to the world around her.

I am very proud to work in a community where pastoral care and the nurturing of each individual is given its full importance and is seen as essential to the personal growth and academic success of every girl. Girls will gain hugely from our busy and engaging academic and extra-curricular programmes, but it is essential too that we support them to develop their emotional intelligence. It is this that will give them the strength to make the most of their varied talents and ambitions.

My own previous experience in other schools has incorporated both pastoral care, as a Director of Boarding and Sixth Form Housemistress, and academic development, as a Head of English. I feel very strongly that education requires a constant and careful synthesis of these two aspects. This is a real strength of Mayfield.

I live on site with my family and very much enjoy the community life of our school. The active, social and nurturing life of a boarding community adds so much to the experience of all those at Mayfield, be they boarders or day girls.

Sarah Ryan
Deputy Head Pastoral