Government and politics is about understanding power, how it is exercised, by whom and for what purpose.

We want students of politics to understand the way the UK is run in order to develop informed opinions on which to base their participation in society as active citizens.

We give the girls the opportunity to develop an understanding of political theories and systems; a fascinating opportunity to explore both ideas and practice, with particular reference to the UK. The girls investigate the key policy ideas of the main UK political parties, how pressure groups try to influence policies and how effectively democracy operates in the UK.  They go on to study ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism and socialism as well as modern ideologies such as feminism and ecologism. 

Girls develop critical thinking and the ability to interpret, evaluate and comment.  They go on to study PPE, Politics, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Politics helps our girls to be informed citizens with the ability to understand how laws are made and to exercise their right to vote in a considered way.