Sixth Form

Sixth Form at Mayfield is the crowning glory of school life, characterised by a new depth of learning - aimed to equip pupils for the demands of university education and the world of work beyond - and by an exciting range of developmental activities and experiences.

Mayfield Sixth Formers enjoy a greater sense of freedom and independence, balanced by their increased responsibility to the School and wider community. As house captains, sports leaders, mentors to the younger girls, prefects, chaplaincy reps, actors, musicians and lifeguards, the students play a vital role in the leadership of our School.

As young people who have chosen to extend their academic interests, Mayfield Sixth Formers are expected to develop self-motivated working habits and take a fuller responsibility for their use of time. We expect all our students to demonstrate intellectual curiosity within and beyond their examined curriculum and come to value learning for its own sake. Their capacity for rational argument and critical thought is sustained not only through excellent, small group teaching but also through debating clubs, competitions, and the Model United Nations.

From an early stage in Year 12, Mayfield pupils receive detailed and up-to-date advice about university entry. Extra tuition is made available for those applying to Oxford or Cambridge. All go on visits to universities and many will have work shadowing opportunities. Those students who wish to study in the European Union or America receive appropriate guidance and support.

Every Mayfield Sixth Former belongs to a small tutor group. The tutor is the first point of contact for the pastoral care of our students. Each week, ‘tutor time’ provides an opportunity for students to interact with their tutor and other members of the tutor group in a number of ways, from reviewing academic progress to discussing current concerns and issues, both local and global. Weekly Sixth Form Assemblies further challenge students to think about aspects of life both in the Mayfield Sixth Form and in the world outside.

We regard all Mayfield pupils as promising individuals with exciting potential. We provide strong academic support but also encourage each girl to become actively involved in many aspects of school life, helping them to develop into confident, happy people who are likely to find fulfilment and who will have made friendships that will stay with them for many years to come.

Mr John Filkin
Head of Sixth Form