The Prefect Team

We are delighted to announce that the Prefect Team for 2017-2018 are:

  • Head Girl                                          Chelsea Henshaw              
  • Deputy Head Girl                            Olivia Larsson
  • Deputy Head Girl                            Davina Thomas
  • Deputy Head Girl                            Katie White
  • Head of Astor                                  Dulcie Loveland
  • Head of Brontë                               Amanda McHugh
  • Head of Curie                                  Maple Ng
  • Head of Glennie                             Megan White

Lower School Prefects

  • Year 7 Prefect                                  Amelia McConnell
  • Year 8 Prefect                                  Selina Nash

Middle School Prefects  

  • Year 9 Prefect                                  Maria Cook
  • Year 10 Prefect                               Grace Valentine
  • Year 11 Prefect                               Natasja Derry
  • Community Prefects                     Amelia Field & Angie An               
  • Events Prefect                                Hermione Richards
  • Boarding Prefect                           Ida Ertmanska