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The Mayfield Inter-Schools One Day Event

Nineteen different schools were represented at the 19th Mayfield ODE on Saturday 27th June. Miraculously, despite unfavourable weather reports, the sun shone all day!

Class 1 (2’3 – 6’) – The Stone Computers Mini Class

Mayfield were represented by two individuals – Elise la Rooy and Louisa Thompson. Both girls put in solid performances and were pleased with their horses at the end of the day.

Class 2 (2’9 – 3’) – The Image Runner Novice Class

Mayfield fielded two teams:

Pink Team (4th overall): Pru Dawes (5th individually) | Emily Erde | Helen McAll | Georgie Sykes

The Pink Team rode competitively to finish fourth.

Purple Team (2nd overall): Marianne Blaxland | Ellie Duggan (4th individually and best dressage) | Alicia Earee (3rd individually) | Cosima Tibbles (2nd individually and best dressage)

Then Purple Team was only narrowly beaten into 2nd place.

Complete results are listed on the Equestrian Sport page.

Many thanks to all the parents of current and old girls who helped make the day a success. At the end of the event, whilst waiting for final scores, we were all treated to some very good cakes, provided by the riding mums! Also, a huge thank you to our sponsors: Image Runner, Stone Computers and Windmill Feeds. Photos provided courtesy of John Caruana Photography (


MIraculously, despite unfavourable weather reports, the sun shone all day!