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Here comes the Hub!

What existing, single space within School could allow a girl to buy her fair-trade tea from a student-run café at morning break; attend a Life Skills seminar requiring a more intimate, informal environment in the late morning; meet with her friends over lunch; assemble for a School Council meeting after 4pm, alongside girls from every other year group; and mix with day-girls and boarders in an after-school workshop? The Hub will do all that, and more.

At Mayfield, we place great weight on the importance of strong friendships and interpersonal relationships, which is why we plan to introduce something new to Mayfield: a space at the heart of the site which will be shared by all the pupils, a space which will have the flexibility to be used in all manner of different ways, and which will be valued by the girls as much after school and at the weekends as it will during the main school day.

Our aim is to redevelop and refurbish the old locker room in Main School, to transform it into an attractive setting for all girls (and in the process remove from the Mayfield map an area of School which is deeply unloved by the pupils). It will be much more than a ‘common room’: its design will allow for it to be used variously as a more intimate and relaxed teaching space; an assembly area for medium-sized groups of 40 to 65 girls; a café; a focus for the girls’ charity fundraising and campaigning activities; an environment into which pupils from other schools can be invited for debating or social activities; an evening and weekend cinema space; and much more. This is a space we are calling the Hub.

Almost £25,000 has already been donated or pledged through this year’s Annual Fund, and the Friends of Mayfield have raised nearly £2,500 through their recent Curry & Quiz Night, but we still have some way to go if we are to deliver the Hub for early in the Autumn Term.

Why not show your support the Hub through a donation to this year’s Annual Fund.
To make a secure donation online, click here >

Why not show your support for the Hub through a donation to this year’s Annual Fund. To make a secure donation online, click here >