E-weekly Issue 136

Welcome to the Autumn Term!

We are absolutely delighted to welcome all our students and staff back to Mayfield this week, and to hear the corridors filled with laughter and chatter once more. It has been much too quiet without you all! The girls have adjusted well to the changes that we have put in place over the holidays to make the School Covid-safe, and we are confident they will have a happy and productive term!

In order to keep everybody safe, could parents please note the following reminders:

  • Please drop off and collect your daughters from the the Lower School Car Park, and remember not to drop off or collect on the mini roundabout near the Lower School Car Park, as this is dangerous and causes congestion.
  • Please do not walk around the School Site.
  • If you need to contact a member of staff, please do so by email or phone. Please do not come into School unless by appointment.

If your daughter is going to be late or absent from School, please email absence@mayfieldgirls.org or phone the direct absence line which is 01435 874671.  

Thank you for your understanding.

Mayfield Prefect Team 2020-21

We are delighted to announce the new team of School Prefects for the academic year 2020-21 and congratulate them all on their appointments. We are sure they will all make great successes of their new roles!

Head Girl                                                                                    Natasha    

Deputy Head Girl                                                                       India

Deputy Head Girl                                                                       Olivia                                                                                           

House Captain of Astor                                                              Mary

House Captain of Bronte                                                           Camille

House Captain of Curie                                                              Harriet

House Captain of Glennie                                                          Lucy

Head of Boarding                                                                        Rachael

Sacristan                                                                                      Olivia

Sports Captain                                                                             Anthia

Music Captain                                                                             Olivia

Drama Captain                                                                            Samantha                

Lower School Prefects                                                               Ibee and Georgia

Middle School Prefects                                                             Eunice, Emily, Olivia and Oma                                       

Charities and Community Prefect                                            Olivia

Events Prefects                                                                          Rachael and Emily

We are thrilled that our new Head Girl, Natasha, and her Deputies, India and Olivia, have penned a few words introducing themselves and some of their priorities for the coming year. 

Natasha – Head Girl 
My name is Natasha and I am the Head Girl of Mayfield School for 2020-21. In 2003, my twin sister and I were born into a large Zimbabwean family. The majority of my mother’s family emigrated to the UK in the 1990s to seek a better life for themselves and their children. For 17 years and counting, my twin and I have been raised and supported by my mother, and her siblings and friends, so, quite literally, it took a whole village to raise us. I am so grateful that God chose me to be a member of my family and enabled me to enjoy an amazing upbringing, in spite of my unconventional family setting. Without them, I do not know where I would be today. 

One of the many reasons that I love Mayfield so much is because lots of girls come from multicultural backgrounds. Even though I grew up in South London, there are not many Latino or Asian people in my village. Being at Mayfield has allowed me learn about different cultures, and most importantly, to ignore the negative stereotypes portrayed in the media, and learn who people truly are.  

For A Level, I am studying English Literature, Biology and Chemistry, and in my new role, I am hoping to encourage greater communication throughout the School. Last year, I took part in a one-to-one mentoring scheme and learnt that the support I provided my partner with enabled her to be more organised, and gave her someone to talk to about any worries she had. I intend to expand this fantastic scheme to include Middle School girls so that we can help to guide them through their GCSE journey, especially during these unprecedented times.  

I also want to boost engagement with the Student Council to ensure that all voices across the School feel they are clearly heard. We are working as a committee to develop understanding at different levels of the School of important topics, such as racism and diversity, and hope to introduce a range of opportunities for students across the School, to discuss and share experiences and opinions.  

I am very grateful and excited to be working with my Prefect Team, Miss Beary and Mr Doy over the next year in my new position. 

Olivia – Deputy Head Girl 
My name is Olivia and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls for this year.  I am studying Maths, Chemistry and French A Levels, and am hoping to read French and Russian at University. Outside School, I enjoy riding and swimming, and I am currently preparing for my Piano Diploma. 

I have been at Mayfield since Year 7 and have been involved in many aspects of School life including music, sport and MUN (Model United Nations), and I am hope that this enables me to relate to and be accessible to girls with a range of interests. I think what I love most about Mayfield is that we are strongly encouraged to try lots of different things. Coming from a small primary school, I hadn’t been exposed to lots of activities, but this really didn’t matter as everyone at Mayfield was so inclusive. Through trying new things, such as MUN, I have realised that I would like to have a career in Law in the future. I have also really enjoyed the 'Actions not Words’ programme volunteering in the local community. I helped in the primary school and found the whole experience really rewarding. 

I’m very excited about introducing some new ideas to the School this year, building on student mentoring, and making sure that everyone’s thoughts and ideas are heard. Even though School will be different in some ways due to Covid-19, I’m confident that everyone will work together, and I’m looking forward to supporting the girls during this time. 

India – Deputy Head Girl 
My name is India and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls at Mayfield. I was brought up in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, living with my older brother and our parents, close to where my Mayfield journey began. However, my origins are far from here - my family on my father’s side originated in India and then migrated to Guyana in South America.

One of the many aspects of Mayfield that I love is the huge variety of opportunities it offers. These include the excellent teaching, and broad range of academic subjects and activities available, from Maths Challenges to Shakespeare Offbyheart, which I have enjoyed very much over the years.

I am studying Economics, Theatre Studies and Spanish for my A Levels and I hope to study Liberal Arts at University next year. I will also be applying to Drama School as I would very much like to pursue my passion for acting.  It has been six years since I started at Mayfield, and I can’t believe I am now in the final year of this chapter of my life. The School has guided me, teaching me important life lessons and values, helping me to flourish as a young woman. I would have to say that my love of the School comes not only from this, but also from the encouraging, supportive and kind staff, who have been fantastic in helping me to make decisions about courses and post A Level routes.  

In terms of my role as Deputy Head Girl, I am looking forward to working with Natasha, Olivia and, of course, Miss Beary and the rest of the Prefect Team. I want to help things to run smoothly at the beginning of term so that we can all get back into the School rhythm again, working well together, and understanding our roles and responsibilities. As Prefects, we will be working to connect with and support girls in the younger years. We are looking at more ways to help Mayfield girls to move forward within this ever-changing world. This will involve new opportunities and new conversations to make sure that we are doing the upmost to support everyone in the School, to move forward and continue to be the best that we can be as a community.  

New Staff Welcomes

A warm welcome to the new staff joining the Mayfield community this term. Dr Sarah Burges Watson is providing maternity cover in the Classics Department; Mrs Jana Carpinato and Mr Jonathan Percival are joining the Maths Department; Mrs Lucinda Misiewicz joins the English Department; Mr Christopher Pierce joins the RS Department; Mr Mark Rich joins Biology and Ms Josefina Ruival is our new Housemistress in St Michael’s. Our new Graduate Assistants are Mlle Janice Blanchard and Miss Safiya Qureshi, and Miss Pia Larsson is our Gap Assistant.

Ms Josefina Ruival is our new Housemistress in St Michael’s House. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she attended Holy Trinity College and gained her IB Diploma. Following a gap year in Europe, Josefina returned to Argentina for University. She qualified as an English as a Second Language teacher while working in the kindergarten at Holy Trinity College. In May 2015, she moved to the UK to start working as a Pastoral Graduate, and an EAL and Spanish Teacher, at Ampleforth College. Josefina then became Assistant Housemistress of St Cuthbert’s House at Ampleforth, and was responsible for organising and leading Sunday trips and activities for students across the School, and for the provision of social events for Year 11 students.

Josefina is greatly looking forward to becoming a member of the Mayfield community, to getting to know the girls, and helping them to become strong and independent women.

In her free time, Josefina enjoys reading, watching good movies at the cinema, travelling, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. She also likes going for long walks, singing, and baking.

Mr Jonathan Percival is joining Mayfield as a Teacher of Mathematics from Seaford College, where he taught for eight years. Originally from Loughborough in Leicestershire, Jonathan went to Manchester University and obtained a Law degree, following which he practised as a solicitor for a few years, before retraining to be a teacher. He has a PGCE from the University of Leicester and recently completed a Mathematics degree with the Open University.

Jonathan has a season ticket at Brighton and Hove Albion, is a keen drummer, and is very much look forward to getting to know his new colleagues and students.

Mr Christopher Pierce is joining Mayfield as a Teacher of Religious Studies and has recently completed his PGCE at the University of Buckingham, while teaching Theology at New Hall School, Boreham, Essex. Before this, he read Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion at Peterhouse College, Cambridge. He has also been a school chaplain, hospital chaplain, and Dominican friar. His interests centre on Ethics and the Philosophy of Religion, and his dissertation focussed on the philosophical concept of ‘truth’ and its implications for Modern Virtue Theory.

Christopher possesses an immense passion for the Creative Arts. He has performed in many plays and loves going to the theatre. He also enjoys watercolour painting, creative writing and walking. He has a lilac-point Birman cat called Shakespeare (Shaky for short), who acts more like a dog than a cat! Christopher is really excited to be part of such a vibrant and forward-thinking school community.

Mrs Jana Carpinato, our new Teacher of Maths, was born in the former Czechoslovakia, and studied Structural Engineering at the University of Bratislava. She moved to the UK 20 years ago to learn English, and subsequently worked for both Kodak and AT&T, before training as a CELTA teacher. She very much enjoyed teaching business English to French students, and then began working as a TA in a secondary school, which led to her studying for a PGCE.  Her last position was in small international school which she very much enjoyed.

Jana’s passion is for Maths and she loves finding new questions and ideas to amuse her students. She is very much looking forward to joining Mayfield’s Maths Department. She also loves languages, travel, books and art. Jana is married to Luciano, who is from Northern Italy and has a son, Andrej and twin daughters, Sofia and Lara. 

Mr Mark Rich is joining Mayfield as a Teacher of Biology. He grew up in Sussex and went on to read Zoology at Wadham College, Oxford, before studying for a PGCE in Biology at Loughborough. Mark also has an MA in Education from Canterbury Christ Church University, which he studied for part time while serving as a Platoon Commander in the Army, based at a Regular Infantry Battalion in Kent. He has taught at several schools, including Canford, St Helen’s and St Katharine’s, and Queen Anne’s, Caversham, where he was a Sixth Form Housemaster and Head of Science for 12 years. He has extensive experience as an A Level examiner.

Mark relocated back to his beloved Sussex in 2015, moving to Eastbourne, and teaching at Roedean Moira House for the last five years. His wife, Helen, is Head of Science at Bede’s Prep School and they have two children, David and Hannah. He loves dogs, especially spaniels and labradors, and has puppy socialised for assistance dog charities on several occasions.  Mark is very much looking forward to joining the Mayfield community to teach Biology, which is his passion. He believes there are few schools, if any, that can match the outstanding environment and ethos at Mayfield, and he relishes the prospect of becoming part of the School’s Science Department. His interests include rowing, mountain biking and reading.

Mrs Lucinda Misiewicz is joining Mayfield as a new Teacher of English. Born in the tiny village of Stanford Dingley in Berkshire, she subsequently lived in Washington, Manila, Paris and Vanuatu while she was growing up, as her father was a Diplomat.  Lucinda studied English at Hertford College, Oxford before working in London as a commercial office estate agent until 1990.  She then emigrated to South Africa just before Mandela was freed from prison and voted in the first post-apartheid elections in 1994.  In Cape Town she met and married her Zimbabwean husband and moved to Zimbabwe to bring up their children.

Here Lucinda started teaching English and Cambridge Assessment Thinking Skills AS Level at Chisipite Senior School. She became Head of Thinking Skills in 2007 and Head of the Upper Sixth in 2008.  She also taught Global Perspectives AS, and French.

Lucinda completed a Masters in Learning and Teaching at Roehampton University in 2018, and her dissertation explored writing school reports in secondary schools. She is very excited to be sharing her love of English in all its forms with our girls!

Lucinda has two children - Casimir who is completing a PhD in Uppsala, Sweden, and Isabella who is working in academic recruitment in London  She also has three cats - Sebastian, Hex and Orsino - and is part-authoring a Global Perspectives text book which is taking up much of her ‘spare’ time!

Dr Sarah Burges-Watson will be covering a maternity leave in the Classics Department for the coming year. She undertook her BA at Cambridge, and then spent a couple of years teaching and pursuing postgraduate singing before setting off for America, where she completed an MA at the University of Pennsylvania, and then a PhD at Harvard. After teaching for a year at McGill in Montreal, and spending two years in Berlin, Sarah finally returned to England to take up a postdoctoral fellowship in Greek Literature at Durham. Since 2016, she has worked at St Paul's Boys' School in London, while continuing to pursue research and singing. She is very much looking forward to joining the Mayfield community and to contributing to women's education once again.

Mlle Janice Blanchard was born and went to school in a small town called Bressuire in the west of France. She then spent six years at university studying English as a foreign language in Bordeaux, Rennes, and Dublin. She specialised in literature and civilisation, and finished her Master’s dissertation on Irish emigration in June 2020.  This project was inspired by her time in Dublin, and the art and novels she has read over the years. Arts, literature, writing and hiking are her favourite hobbies.

Janice has spent the past year working as a supervisor in a French school, Lycée Emile Zola, in Rennes. After this wonderful experience, she decided it was time for a new adventure, and is joining Mayfield as a Graduate Assistant in September. She is very much looking forward to meeting everyone at the School, learning, being creative, and making memories together.

Miss Safiya Qureshi is joining the School as a Graduate Assistant and comes from Hatfield in Hertfordshire. She has a degree in English and History from Royal Holloway University, and is currently working in retail. Safiya is very much looking forward to meeting the pupils and staff at Mayfield, and getting involved in all the different activities the School offers. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, photography and scrapbooking.

Miss Pia Larsson, who hails from Zurich in Switzerland, will be a familiar face around the School as she is one of our 2020 leavers. Having studied Music, Physics and German at A Level, Pia is taking up her first job as a Gap Assistant in Leeds House in September. She will also be helping out in the Music Department as she is a talented organ and piano player, and a singer. We are very pleased to have her back!

News from the PE Department 

The PE Department is excited to welcome the girls back to School and very much looking forward to coaching them face to face again. We appreciate it is going to take a bit of getting used to the ‘new’ way of doing things, but I am sure everyone will get the hang of things after the first week or so. 

The girls are to arrive at School in their Mayfield PE kit on the days they have PE lessons or activities. Please ensure they have their legs covered with either School leggings/ tracksuit bottoms or cricket trousers. If they just have an activity during A2, they will have time to change during tea, but as the changing room is a multi-year group space, we are unable to open it for them. We will open it for year groups when they are wet and need to change their clothes before their next lesson, so it is always a good idea for the girls to have a change of clothes in their School bags when they have PE. 

We are excited to be able to offer many of our summer sports over the week, and also a wider variety of sporting options on a Saturday morning, so that all our girls are able to keep their sport going or try something new. Details of these will be uploaded onto SOCS for this half term, and girls will be asked to sign up for their sessions on a weekly basis using a form sent out to them (as we need to be aware of numbers). If girls are already competent in a sporting activity on a Saturday morning, please just let Mrs Fletcher know that they won’t be able to attend the School sessions at all.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the PE Department if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!

Mrs Georgina Fletcher, Director of Sport.

Equestrian Update

The Mayfield Equestrian Squad has had a successful summer! They competed (in a very socially-distanced way) at Hickstead, winning the Hickstead Elite Team Show Jumping Championships, with a squad comprising Year 13 Fran, Year 12s Daisy and Eloise, and Year 10 Chloe.

Year 11 Ella, Fran, Daisy and Chloe also won the intermediate show jumping qualifier; Fran, Daisy, Eloise and Year 13 Liv came second in the Eventers’ Challenge Open Team Championships; and Fran came fifth individually in the same class.

Well done all for your excellent performances!

Jill Barker, Director of Riding

News from the School Shop 

Welcome back everyone! It’s so nice to see you all, and to welcome all our new students and members of staff to Mayfield.

The School Shop will operate as normally as possible but we ask that you follow the following Covid-19 precautions that we have put in place:

1.      Please wear a face mask at all times to come into the Shop. There will be no entry without a mask.
2.      We will no longer ask you to sign for anything unless you bring your own pen into the Shop. By doing this, we are cutting the risk of transmission. Parents / Guardians please note this.
3.      Only five people are allowed in the Shop at any one time.
4.      There is a one way system in place - please follow the arrows.
5.      There are hand sanitisers at the entrance and on the back wall of the Shop near the Changing Room, please use these. If you can remember to sanitise your hands as you enter and leave the Shop, it will help keep us all safe.
6.      Please do not come in to keep your friends company – this will mean a longer wait for anyone who does need to buy something. HOWEVER IF YOU HAVE A BUDDY WHO NEEDS YOU TO HELP THEM IN THE SCHOOL SHOP, YOU MAY ACCOMPANY THEM FOR THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF TERM.
7.      Please try not to pick anything up if you do not want to buy it.

For those of you that need to bring in an apron for ceramics, art and cookery, we are now stocking Mayfield aprons in two sizes (youth and adult). They cost £12 each and are available in three School colours with the School crest. You can also bring your own in from home in any colour.

We stock single disposable masks for 40p or a pack of 10 for £3.99. We continue to sell the 100 ml hand sanitisers for £1.75 and now have 250 ml hand sanitisers for £3.95.

Thank you.

Mrs Susan Bowles, School Shop Manager

Mayfield Busy Bees 

In our absence, the Mayfield bees have been busy! For the first time in decades, Mayfield School will be producing honey for sale. The first extraction will take place today, and jars will be available to buy next week. Details to follow!

Mr Tim Rees-Moorlah, Head of Ceramics

Reminder from the School Office

We would like to remind you that we send out a large number of School emails via our InTouch system.  These messages will not look like the normal messages you receive from us but come from '8456035@capita-intouch.co.uk'

Please check your Junk, Clutter or SPAM mail boxes to see if they have gone in there and make this email address a ‘safe sender’ to ensure that you receive all of our messages.

Thank you very much.

The School Office


Date Time Event
05.09.20 13:00 - 16:30 Year 12 Team Building at Bowles Outdoor Centre
05.09.20 13:45 - 17:00 Year 9 Arena Pursuits trip
06.09.20 11:30 - 12:30 Mass, Chapel
07.09.20 - 08.09.20 Two days Year 13 Mocks
07.09.20 08:20 - 08:55 Whole School Assembly
07.09.20 16:30 - 18:00 Year 10 to 13 Virtual Careers Talk
08:09:20 19:00 - 19:30 Mass
09:09:20 18:30 - 20:30 Year 12 Information and tutor evening
10.09.20 09:00 - 16:30 Year 12 Geography trip to Newhaven and Seaford
11.09.20 17:00 - 18:00 ESOL Games and Activities, Courtyard
11.09.20 18:00 - 19:00 ESOL Dinner, Courtyard



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