E-weekly Issue 142

Sixth Form Charity Day


A huge ‘well done’ to the Sixth Form students who raised a very impressive £575.05 for WEFA, Water and Education for Africa, during their Charity Day on 2nd October. Each tutor group devised novel ways of fundraising, including organising a home clothes day, guessing the number of balloons in the School car, car washing, and a lively debate between Mr Pierce and Dr Corvan.

Well done girls!

Mrs Rachel Davies, Deputy Head of Sixth Form


Maths Enrichment Club

Maths Enrichment Club is a new activity for girls in Years 7 and 8. The Club takes place on Tuesdays during A1 and is focused on encouraging the girls to develop their problem-solving skills, explore patterns and, at times, be amazed by the beauty of Maths!

This term we have looked at patterns in the 11 times table - can you work out 11x63 or 11x234 in your head? In week two, we arranged 25 coloured tiles in a 5x5 square so that none of the columns, rows or diagonals had the same colour in them. We then moved onto using multi-link cubes to create a 3D version following the same principles.  In week three, the girls solved the classic frog problem whereby the frogs have to swap places in the minimum number of moves.

Last week, we turned to geometry and patterns with Curves of Pursuit and this Tuesday, we looked at Binary. How can you count if you only have 1 and 0?  

All Year 7 and 8 girls are welcome to come and enjoy Maths! 

Mrs Andrianna Demetriou, Head of Mathematics





MedSoc is a society for girls who are interested in Medicine and health-related issues. We aim to support those who wish to pursue a career in Medicine or Veterinary Medicine, as well as welcoming those who want to find out more about health and how our bodies work. MedSoc is a sociable and educational experience that broadens the horizons of its members.

We meet weekly in A2 on Tuesdays and currently have six members. Each term, two girls take a leadership role, helping with tasks including organising talks from outside speakers. This is with a view to helping to develop the girls’ team working and leadership skills. This term, the leadership roles are being undertaken by Ewa and Awujo. They are planning to reach out to OCs, and others with a connection to Mayfield, to arrange a series of relevant virtual talks.

In our sessions, we discuss issues relating to medicine in the news, as well as topics beyond the A Level Biology specification, such as brain imaging, synapses and disease, genetic disease, cancer and epigenetics. We have also held sessions on the principles of medical ethics, following which the girls were given case studies to take away and review, ahead of a lively debate the following week.

Later in the year, we will discuss and look at examples of the UKCAT and BMAT tests.

Please contact Mr Rich if you are interested in joining MedSoc.

Thank you.

Mr Mark Rich, Teacher of Biology

Minibus Reminder

Please may we remind all parents that ad-hoc passengers are not currently accepted onto our School minibuses due to the ongoing Covid situation. This also means that passengers cannot switch over from one route to another, e.g. if they are staying at a friend’s house.

Please contact Mrs Attoe on jattoe@mayfieldgirls.org if you have any queries.

Thank you.

Mrs Jacqueline Attoe, Travel Co-ordinator

News from the Chaplaincy

An excerpt from the homily at the Foundation Day Mass:

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ Where is your treasure? What brings you joy, and fulfilment, satisfaction and contentment? Where does your energy lie? Some of us know, from a very young age, where our passion, our treasure, lies. Some of us discover it much later in life, often times, by accident. Cornelia Connelly, for example, never dreamt that she would find fulfilment in a vocation to religious life, founder of a congregation of Sisters, and a worldwide network of schools dedicated to the empowerment of young people. She was content to be a school teacher in Louisiana, but her treasure lay in Mayfield. So where is your treasure?

The fruits of Cornelia’s labours are plain to see. Her treasure was this School, and others like it, throughout Britain, Ireland, the United States, and Africa. Thanks to Cornelia and the Society, their treasure has formed, educated, and immeasurably improved the lives of thousands and thousands of girls over the years. And it will continue to do so for many years to come.

Possessions can be lost, they can be taken from us. So when Jesus says to us, “Get yourself a purse that will not wear out”, this is what he’s talking about. A treasure that will never fail, that cannot be stolen or destroyed. A legacy of love, a devotion to God so strong that it convinces other people to devote their lives to him too. Cornelia's treasure was such a strong passion for young people that she created a radical new approach to education, and that is where her heart was also.

Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the 15 girls who, on Sunday Morning, will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Richard Moth. It will be a very special day, despite all the restrictions. We are very proud of them, and the work they have put into their preparation for the Sacrament. “When we receive him in our hearts, Christ makes himself present and takes shape in our lives" – Pope Francis.

Mr Ronan Lavery, Lay Chaplain 

Tasty Teatime Treats in St Michael’s

On Sunday afternoon, the girls in St Michael’s House enjoyed a cosy afternoon with a delicious afternoon tea of scones, sandwiches and cakes. A perfect opportunity for the girls to take a well-earned break and enjoy some tasty treats!

Miss Essie Mitchell, Graduate Assistant – St Michael’s House


Pizza Perfect Saturday in Leeds House

Year 7 and 8 boarders in Leeds House made their own pizzas on Saturday, learning what yeast is and how it makes the bread dough rise. They enjoyed choosing their own toppings, and their creations were absolutely scrumptious!

Mrs Jocelyn Mahon, Head of Science

Invitation to Online Safety Webinar for parents and guardians:
Wednesday 21st October at 19:00

Join leading online safety organisation, Digital Awareness UK, in exploring the online world during and after lockdown.

Technology has become a dominant force in the lives of young people during lockdown, with numerous positives to be found, and challenges to work through. With issues including inappropriate sharing and screen addiction constantly in the spotlight, Mayfield School is excited to welcome leading online safety organisation, Digital Awareness UK, to deliver an online safety webinar to help parents and guardians feel empowered when it comes to supporting their children in this space.

The webinar is exclusively for Mayfield parents and guardians, and Digital Awareness UK will talk us through:
·         Popular online apps and digital wellbeing trends
·         Critical issues to be aware of
·         The steps you can take to protect your children from online risks, and to encourage happy and healthy tech habits.

The one-hour webinar will be followed by a Q&A session where you will be able to ask questions and raise any concerns you may have around online safety. We look forward to seeing you there. For more information please click here.

Mrs Claire Baker, Head of Lower School

News from The Friends and Year Reps

Many thanks to our Year 10 representatives, Catherine and Tor, for hosting their first virtual coffee morning for parents last week. It was a great opportunity for parents to meet, and in particular boarding parents whose paths cross less frequently.

The Friends


PE Kit
As the weather is changing, please remember to bring a change of clothes into School with you in case you get wet playing outdoor sport!   

If your daughter is going to be late or absent from School, please email absence@mayfieldgirls.org or phone the direct absence line which is 01435 874671.  

Please can parents drop off and collect their daughters from the Lower School Car Park, and remember not to drop off or collect on the mini roundabout near the Lower School Car Park, as this is dangerous and causes congestion.
Please do not walk around the School Site.

Contacting Staff
If you need to contact a member of staff, please do so by email or phone. Please do not come into School unless by appointment.
Thank you for your understanding.

News from the School Shop

Christmas Ted Competition
Please remember to return your entry for the Christmas Ted Competition to the School Shop by Half Term (Friday 23rd October at 15:30), or email your design to sbowles@mayfieldgirls.org

Thank you.

Mrs Susan Bowles, School Shop Manager


Date Time Event
17:10:20 13:00 - 17:00 Boarders' trip to Bowles
17:10:20 16:00 - 17:30 Confirmation Mass Rehearsal
17:10:20 18:00 - 19:00 Mass for boarders, Chapel
18:10:20 11:30 - 13:00 Confirmation Mass
19:10:20 08:25 - 08:55 Whole School Assembly
19:10:20 19:30 - 20:30 Yoga for Sixth Form Boarders
20:10:20 All day Year 11 Day of Recollection at School
20:10:20 18:00 - 18:30


21:10:20 All day Year 13 Drama Mock
21:10:20 19:00 - 20:30 Digital Awareness Webinar for Parents
22:10:20 All day

Year 11 Drama Practical Exam

22:10:20 16:45 - 20:30 Year 12 and 13 Virtual Parents' Evening
23:10:20 All day Charity Pink Day
23:10:20 13:40 - 15:30 Year 13 Drama Mock
23:10:20 14:30 - 16:00 Year 7 Charity Walk for Children in Need
23:10:20 15:35 - 16:30 Year 8 to watch A Level Drama Performance
23:10:20 16:30 Half Term begins



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