E-weekly Issue 146

The Friends of Mayfield Virtual Christmas Michaelmas Fair

We are delighted to announce that we have a number of exciting new stallholders at our Virtual Christmas Michaelmas Fair this week! These are: 

Mayfield Gin 

Pocket Memories Photobooks 

Jean Brown Knitwear (Men’s and Women’s) 

Feather & Stitch (Women’s Boutique) 

With only 28 days until Christmas, there are gifts galore to suit every purse. Some stallholders are offering generous discounts/free P&P for Mayfield customers with the promotional code Mayfield MF20.

Be sure to regularly check back as more will be added in the run-up to Christmas! 

Happy Christmas shopping! 

The Friends 

Schola Christmas CD 

Christmas will soon be here, and to celebrate, Schola Cantorum is releasing a recording of Witold Lutosławski’s festive ‘Twenty Polish Christmas Carols’ (sung in English!). This is an arrangement of traditional Polish melodies with often startling harmonies and accompaniments, creating a vibrant Christmas soundscape that explores all aspects of Christmas. There are lullabies, dances and even a shepherds’ drinking song! Beautifully sung by Schola and soloists, and accompanied by Mr Mortimer, this will become a vital part of your annual Christmas playlist. 

These perfect stocking fillers cost a donation of £5 to Mayfield’s School charities, and can be ordered here. Girls can collect copies ordered from School Reception.  

Dr Matthew Ward, Director of Music  

We’ve been named in top 20 all-girls schools for Cricket!   

I’m delighted to say Mayfield School has been named as one of the top 20 all-girls schools in the UK for Cricket by The Cricketer magazine.  

It follows an exhaustive process which saw a record number of schools submit entries to be included in the guide, despite the ongoing pandemic. All entries were judged against an extensive set of criteria, which included a compelling commitment to cricket in the curriculum, facilities, fixture programmes and coaching. 

We’re a school with a recent Cricket history and have established a comprehensive programme from scratch in only three years, encouraging all girls at the School to participate.  We have developed a number of teams and all are performing competitively, and the girls are thriving in the sport. I look forward to continued success for Mayfield’s cricketers over the coming year.

Miss Emily Starr, Assistant Director of Sport 


Mayfield Girls take to the air with Launch of Mayfield Radio 

The Music Department is running a fantastic new extra-curricular activity this year - Mayfield's first-ever radio station! The girls have been planning and preparing interviews, editing their voiceovers and mixing the show together. They have also created a jingle and look forward to launching radio competitions in the near future. We hope you enjoy listening to the pilot episode of Mayfield Radio here. Watch this space for the next episode! 

Mrs Lynette Le Riche, Teacher of Music and Director of SPARK Camps 

Mayfield Hygiene Bank 

Inspired by Marcus Rashford's campaign for free school meals, I started to read about poverty in the UK and learnt about The Hygiene Bank - a charity set up to cater for the basic hygiene needs of people living below the poverty line. Over the past few weeks I've been emailing volunteers at the Tunbridge Wells Hygiene Bank to see how we could get involved. Due to Covid-19, many places people once donated to have become unavailable (for example shops and GP surgeries), and so donations are needed now more than ever.   

It would make such a difference if everyone in the School could bring in as many essential hygiene items as they can, such as toothpaste or shampoo.  Or, even better, for it to become a natural addition to your weekly shop?  Even just one item could make a big difference to someone's life. 

Below is a list of the items that are desperately needed. 

Collection points can be found in Lower School (Mrs Baker’s office), Middle School (Mrs Stone’s office) and the Sixth Form Centre (Mr Doy’s office). 

Thank you very much for your help. 

Year 11 Sissy 

Remote Teaching 

Over the coming weeks, it is likely that there may be some teacher absences due to government guidelines around self-isolation, and in particular, Primary School children being sent home due to cases within their bubbles.  

If teaching staff are away from School because they are self-isolating, but are physically well enough to teach their students, they will be doing so remotely via Teams. Students will be expected to be in their classroom as normal and will access their lessons remotely using their own laptops. It is really important that girls remember to bring their headphones/earphones into School so that they can hear what is being said without interference from numerous other laptop microphones. Students will also be expected to have their cameras on, so there can be ‘normal’ interaction between the teacher and their class.  

Whilst we appreciate that initially this may be a rather strange experience, the usual high standards of behaviour are expected.  Classes in Years 7 to 11 will have a cover member of staff sitting with them, but Sixth Form students will be expected to access lessons without supervision.  

Thank you. 

Mrs Annabel Bunce, Director of Studies 

Mayfield Maths Week Fun for local Schools 

As part of Maths Week, the Mathematics Department invited local Primary and Prep schools to participate in a round of fun challenges and activities, designed to encourage the young mathematicians of the future.  

Activities included Yohaku puzzles, financial literacy puzzles and ‘Where is the Maths in this?’ which aimed to initiate discussions about Maths in everyday life. There was also a closely-contested competition between Year 5 and 6 mathematicians from five local schools - Sacred Heart, St. Philip’s, The Mead School, Hilden Oaks and St. Augustine’s. We were delighted to see such enthusiasm and engagement for Mathematics!  

The overall competition winner was Year 6 Milana from Hilden Oaks, closely followed by Amelia and Sam from Hilden Oaks, while St. Philip’s tied with The Mead School in third place. 

Mrs Lavinia Motoc, Teacher of Mathematics  

Senior Mathematical Challenge 

During Half Term, some of our Year 12 and 13 mathematicians took part in the UKMT Senior Mathematical Challenge - a 90-minute paper of challenging Maths questions. The Mathematics Department is pleased to report the following results: Gold certificates were awarded to Natalie, Valeria and Victoria D; Silver certificates were awarded to Jemima, Angelina, Eunice and Victoria B; and Bronze certificates went to Dora, Tatum, Ewa and Helena. 

Natalie qualified for the British Mathematical Olympiad, and Valeria and Victoria D also qualified for the Senior Kangaroo which takes place later this month.  

Well done girls! 

Mrs Sally Howie, Teacher of Maths 

Year 7 RS Students write ‘David and Goliath’ Poems 

This week, Mrs Kimber’s Year 7 RS pupils have been learning about the story of ‘David and Goliath’. They have each created a poem to demonstrate their knowledge of the story, and the importance of having a strong faith during difficult times, two of which can be read below. 

By Cordelia: 
There once was a farmer named David, 
He had two brothers and never was appreciated, 
But this never made him frustrated. 

He went to bring cheese to his armed brothers, 
But they accused him of trying to watch to get tougher, 
However, David was more focused on another.  

There was Goliath as big a giant, 
The brothers saw him stare but stayed quiet. 
Then Goliath said in great booming voice "I want to fight one of your men, one of the highest."  

So David said to his father that he wanted to fight, 
He was unsure yet agreed despite, 
But David refused to wear the armour, he didn't want to look like a knight.  

He grabbed three stones and one more thing, 
His last item was a sling, 
He put his faith in the Lord and waited for what he would bring. 

Goliath was laughing and underestimated God, 
David said nothing but only nod.  
David took one shot and hit him out, 
He took Goliath’s sword and took off his head and shout. 

Now Christians believe that God was with him even though the odds were not, 
But God is always there even when it’s a long shot. 

By Allegra: 
David was a young man,  
Who looked after the little lambs, 
Until one day a war broke out, 
And God gave him a shout. 
He went to take his brother’s food, 
And what he saw was very rude, 
A man was mocking all the soldiers, 
He was the size of ten big boulders. 
Jesus was much like David, 
They both defeated something related. 
There was no one to go and fight, 
So David had to put things right. 
He picked out five good stones, 
In the fight they could be thrown. 
The battle started, 
The soldiers parted, 
Little David walked through, 
Goliath said "I’ll make a mockery of you". 
David put a stone in his sling shot, 
And it did hit in the perfect spot, 
Right between the eyes it went, 
Leaving quite a large dent. 
Goliath lay there out cold, 
David was very bold, 
He decided to grab his sword,  
His swing I think deserved an award, 
David had won! 
And so the Philistines began to run, 
David's faith in God was so strong, 
It was in fact life long. 

Mrs Clarizza Kimber, Teacher of RS 

In Physics this Week...


N.B p.d. = potential difference! 

Dr Darragh Corvan, Head of Physics

From the Library


Virtual Carol Service and Online Auction in aid of SSAFA 2020 

OC Clare Ghika has been working hard with the SSAFA Fundraising Committee to organise a Virtual Carol Concert and Online Auction on Wednesday 2nd December, as they are unable to hold it in the usual way due to Covid-19 restrictions. If you would like to support this worthwhile cause, you can bid in the Online Auction from 2nd December  - please email ssafacarolserviceauction@gmail.com. for details. There are a number of exciting lots available, including some unusual military experiences! 

If you would like to receive information about the Virtual Carol Concert, please click here. 
Thank you.

From the PE Department

With life being a little different at the moment due to COVID-19 restrictions, with Year 11 starting their mocks, and end of topic tests beginning, you might be feeling a little bit of pressure. Sometimes, we can struggle to sleep when we are worried about things and so I have found two articles from the BBC Radio 4 Podcast ‘Don't Tell Me The Score’ which may be of help. One talks about ways to deal with pressure, and the other deals with overcoming insomnia and anxiety. They are both quick reads but contain information that some of you may find useful: 

8 tips for coping with pressure 

Overcoming insomnia and anxiety 

Miss Emily Nixon, Teacher of PE and Year 10 Tutor  

News from the School Shop

End of Term Bills 
Please note that the cut-off date for items to be included in your end of term bill (for both the School Shop and riding at Mayfield) is Monday 30th November. This means that any purchases or bills received after this date (1st December onwards) will be included on your Spring Term 2021 bill. 

Lost Property 
Please see below the items of lost property we currently have in the School Shop. If you think any are yours, please come to the School Shop to collect them. 

Pre-Loved Items in the School Shop 
Please remember that any pre-loved items sent for re-sale in the School Shop must be washed and pressed. Any items that are not washed and pressed will be considered as a donation as the cost of laundering them is then borne by the School. Items that are not accepted for re-sale or are obsolete (i.e. old logo) are donated to Mary’s Meals so nothing is wasted.  

Please leave any pre-loved items in the drop-off box outside Reception in a bag marked ‘School Shop’, and with your daughter or ward’s name on, or have your daughter/ward bring them to the School Shop. 

Thank you. 

Mrs Susan Bowles, School Shop Manager 


PE Kit
As the weather is changing, please remember to bring a change of clothes into School with you in case you get wet playing outdoor sport!   

If your daughter is going to be late or absent from School, please email absence@mayfieldgirls.org or phone the direct absence line which is 01435 874671.  

Please can parents drop off and collect their daughters from the Lower School Car Park, and remember not to drop off or collect on the mini roundabout near the Lower School Car Park, as this is dangerous and causes congestion.
Please do not walk around the School Site.

Contacting Staff
If you need to contact a member of staff, please do so by email or phone. If you do not have the member of staff’s email, then the School email addresses follow the following format: first initial and surname@mayfieldgirls.org e.g ngreen@mayfieldgirls.org.

Please do not come into School unless by appointment.  Thank you for your understanding.


Date Time Event
28:11:20 10:00 - 12:00 Year 13 Statistics Workshop
29:11:20 11:30 - 12:30 Mass for Leeds House and St Gabriel's
29:11:20 17:30 - 18:30 Mass for St Michael's and St Dunstan's
30:11:20 08:20 - 08:55 Whole School Assembly
30:11:20 19:30 - 20:30 Yoga for Sixth Form Boarders, Gym
01:12:20 09:45 - 12:45

Economics Lecture Day

01:12:20 18:00 - 19:00 Year 11 Elevate Webinar - Stress &Wellbeing
02:12:20 All day Music Performance Recordings
03:12:20 15:00 - 18:00 Governors' Meeting
03:12:20 16:45 - 17:00 Rosary, Chapel
03:12:20 16:45 - 17:15 Year 10 Scholars' Meeting
04:12:20 13:30 - 18:00

ABRSM Rehearsals

04:12:20 14:35 - 16:30 Year 11 End of Mocks Celebration, The Hub


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