E-weekly Issue 147

Mayfield girls win prestigious Arkwright Scholarships

This week, we're celebrating the achievement of Valeria and Victoria B, who have each been awarded an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. They are awarded to inspire potential future leaders in engineering and the girls had to go through a rigorous selection process involving submitting a detailed proposal for their project, aimed at detecting the presence of ionising particles. As part of the scholarship the girls are being sponsored by Rolls Royce and the ERA Foundation, and this involves gaining valuable hands-on work experience as well as a personal mentor who can help them with their studies and career planning.

I'm delighted the girls have been recognised for their outstanding work and look forward to seeing their project progress. The girls’ interest in applying for a scholarship was sparked by attending STEM club, where we actively encourage all members to explore the dynamic field of electronics and coding. The girls get the opportunity to use Raspberry Pi microcomputers and Arduino microcontrollers to develop their projects - practical applications of this technology range from mounting sensors onto a radio-controlled car to designing baby clothes that can monitor the health of the infant that wears them.

Here they are receiving their award. Congrats!

Dr Darragh Corvan, Head of Physics

New British Sign Language Club launching for 2021

Mr Ronan Lavery and Dr Reijers will be launching an exciting new British Sign Language Club for students next term. The girls will be taught by Weald BSL and the course will open up a world of opportunities to communicate with members of the deaf community.

We hope that by the end of the two eight-week courses, participants will be able to understand basic information using British Sign Language, and to follow and take part in simple conversations. If there is enough interest, we may enrol girls for the Level 1 Qualification next year.

The Club will be taught by Marcel, who is himself deaf, and who has over 20 years’ experience in teaching. He comes highly recommended by people who are active within the deaf community.

Many of us are not aware of the communication difficulties faced by those who are deaf or hard of hearing, and this is a great way to learn a skill for life - which you can also use for your DofE.  

For further information, please contact Mr Lavery or Dr Reijers.

Mr Ronan Lavery, Lay Chaplain, and Dr Marie-Sophie Reijers, Specialist Learning Support Assistant


‘Economics in Action’

Our Year 13 Economists enjoyed an 'Economics in Action' lecture day by The Training Partnership on Tuesday. Speakers included Tim Harford OBE talking about the use of statistics, and Stephen King, Senior Economic Advisor at HSBC, discussing what happens when the money runs out!

Mrs Ania Cox, Head of Economics and Business Studies

‘Maths in Action’

On Tuesday 24th November, Year 12 and 13 mathematicians attended a series of ‘Maths in Action’ lectures, during which we had the opportunity to listen to an interesting team of mathematicians, engineers and statisticians. These included Beth Romano from the University of Oxford, BBC TV presenter Bobby Seagull, Rob Bennett from Bloodhound Education, and Ed Southall, author and academic.

The speakers explained how Maths can be applied to make advances in different fields such as Physics, Economics and Microbiology, and we had the opportunity to ask questions via an online platform. We also heard from Primrose Kitten, who make videos that help students studying Maths and Science, and they gave us some useful and unusual exam tips. 

It was incredibly interesting to hear about the impact of mathematical modelling on our daily life. The talks provided great insight on both analytical and creative thinking. We were encouraged to recognise mathematical patterns not only in the classroom, but in everything we experience! 

Year 12 Victoria D

News from the Chaplaincy

This Week’s Gospel: Mark 1:1-8
Gospel Reflection

The Gospel this week, the Second Sunday of Advent, tell us of John the Baptist. I’ve always felt a little short-changed by John. When you think of it, Mary got Gabriel as her Messenger from God, Joseph got the same Angel, the Three Kings got another Angel… The shepherds on the hillside had a whole host of Angels, singing ‘Glory to God in the highest heaven…’

We, however, were given John the Baptist. Decidedly human, and often portrayed as slightly unhinged. He lived on the margins, wearing a camel-skin shirt, eating locusts and wild honey, and shouting a radical message of repentance. Not always a comfortable image, and not necessarily an accurate one either.

John himself was foretold by the prophet Isaiah: “A voice cries, ‘Prepare in the wilderness a way for the Lord.’” We know he lived simply, and we know he demonstrated great humility. Even as the people flocked to hear him speak, and to be baptised by the great man, he stressed that he was simply preparing the way: “Someone is following me, someone who is more powerful than I am, and I am not fit to kneel down and undo the strap of his sandals.”

Finally, I believe John was a very gentle man. In Isaiah again, we hear God addressing him: “Console my people, console them.” John didn’t shout. He didn’t scold, or rebuke, or chastise people, and yet they repented in their droves, and queued to be baptised. Why? Because John was genuine. Because he saw the good in people, he saw their value and inner beauty. In a society captivated by sinfulness and scandal, quick to accuse and blame and condemn, John reflected people’s true worth back to them, and gave them permission to believe in themselves. Possibly the most miraculous thing is that he allowed them to forgive themselves. And thus be baptised into new life - a life of joy and freedom.

Repentance isn’t a blame game, it’s a gift. It’s a burden lifted. It’s liberating, and it allows us to begin to appreciate God’s love for us and Jesus’ sacrifice for us. So this Advent season, perhaps we too might repent, and believe the Good News.

Come to think of it, maybe John wasn’t such a bad Angel after all…

Mr Ronan Lavery, Lay Chaplain

Equestrian Update

We were delighted to welcome OC and Equine Vet, Emily Erde, into School on Tuesday to talk to Sixth Form students interested in Veterinary Sciences and Physiotherapy about scanning techniques. The girls found it to be both a fun and interesting talk!

Jill Barker, Director of Riding

News from the Friends and Year Reps

Mayfield Virtual Christmas Michaelmas Fair
Don’t forget to check out all the latest stallholders at the Mayfield Virtual Christmas Michaelmas Fair as they are selling a plethora of wonderful Christmas gifts and treats!


Year 12 Virtual Christmas Party
The Class Reps are hosting a virtual Christmas Party for Year 12 parents on Thursday 10th December at 20:00. A link will be sent around soon if you would like to join us for a festive celebration from the comfort of your own home. We hope to see you there!

The Friends

Gabs girls get glittery!

Last Sunday, the girls in St. Gabriel’s spent a very enjoyable day decorating the House with trails of tinsel, an adorable carol-singing penguin and, of course, this stunning Christmas tree. Festive music filled the Common Room in readiness for the exciting few weeks before the end of term!

Miss Safiya Qureshi, Graduate Assistant

Advent Activities in Micks

Last Sunday, the first day of Advent, the girls in St Michael’s took a break from revising for their mock exams to put the Christmas tree up and decorate the House. They really got into the Christmas spirit while listening to Christmas songs and eating lots of mince pies!

Miss Josefina Ruival, St Michael’s Housemistress


From the Library


From the PE Department

Suitable Shoes for PE
The PE Department would like to stress the importance of wearing the correct footwear when taking part in any type of physical activity, especially as we are approaching Netball Season. Incorrect footwear can lead to injuries such as heel pain, shin splints, shin pain, back pain, sore calf muscles and ankle sprains and breaks.

Examples of shoes that are NOT suitable for PE

We strongly advise you not to wear fashion trainers i.e trainers with velcro straps, flat soles and flat insoles, and to wear shoes which offer the correct support.

Tips for buying athletic shoes for PE:
We would advise that you start by buying yourself a good pair of general-purpose running shoes, such as ASICS. These do not need to be expensive but must provide good cushioning, support and grip.

There are four important features to test for when you are buying your trainers:

The greater the twist of the shoe, the more the foot will roll. You want a shoe with minimal movement. To test, grasp the sole and the front of the shoe near the ball of the foot, and twist lengthways.

The shoe should bend right at the ball of the foot. If it doesn’t, neither will your foot. The shoe should remain stiff from the back of the heel to the ball of the foot. Grasp the heel and toe of the shoe, and push them together.

Heel counter:
With your thumb, squash down on the heel counter. The strength of the heel counter is important in keeping your heel upright. Make sure the heel counter is made of plastic, not cardboard. Plastic provides more support and will last longer.

Midsole Density:
With your two thumbs, compress the rubber of the midsole. If it compresses by more than a third, it may be too soft. Soft shoes with lots of cushioning are only good for walking. If you are a pronator (foot rolls inwards when you walk), you may need a shoe with dual-density midsoles - where the sole on the inside of the heel is soft and the sole on the outside of the heel is hard. If you are a supinator (foot rolls outwards when you walk), you may need a neutral midsole. We would strongly advise buying your trainers from a specialist sports or running shop, which can offer expert advice on the right shoe for you.

Miss Sophie Auer, Teacher of PE and Year 9 Senior Tutor

News from the School Shop

End of Term Bills 
Just a reminder that the cut-off date for items to be included in your end of term bill (for both the School Shop and riding at Mayfield) was Monday 30th November. Any School Shop purchases or bills received before this date will be on your end of term bill. Any purchases or bills received after this date will be included in your Spring Term 2021 bill.

Please also remember that we have not asked the girls to sign for items in the School Shop this term in order to be Covid-compliant and avoid cross-contamination. All students are given a print-out of their total balance following each purchase, which they are asked to pass on to you.

Please do not hesitate to email me at sbowles@mayfieldgirls.org if you have any queries at all.

Finally, thank you very much to Miss Larsson for making such a beautiful job of decorating the School Shop Christmas tree!

Mrs Susan Bowles, School Shop Manager


PE Kit
As the weather is changing, please remember to bring a change of clothes into School with you in case you get wet playing outdoor sport!   

If your daughter is going to be late or absent from School, please email absence@mayfieldgirls.org or phone the direct absence line which is 01435 874671.  

Please can parents drop off and collect their daughters from the Lower School Car Park, and remember not to drop off or collect on the mini roundabout near the Lower School Car Park, as this is dangerous and causes congestion.
Please do not walk around the School Site.

Contacting Staff
If you need to contact a member of staff, please do so by email or phone. If you do not have the member of staff’s email, then the School email addresses follow the following format: first initial and surname@mayfieldgirls.org e.g ngreen@mayfieldgirls.org.

Please do not come into School unless by appointment.  Thank you for your understanding.


Date Time Event
05:12:20 18:30 - 21:00 Leeds House Christmas Party
05:12:20 19:30 - 22:00 St Michael's House Christmas Party
06:12:20 11:30 - 12:30 Mass for Leeds and St Gabriel's
06:12:20 13:30 Clay Pigeon Shooting for Year 11 boarders 
06:12:20 17:30 - 18:30 Mass for St Michael's and St Dunstan's
06:12:20 18:30 - 21:00

St Gabriel's House Christmas Party

07:12:20 All day Year 12 Day of Recollection
07:12:20 08:20 - 08:55 Whole School Assembly
07:12:20 19:30 - 20:30 Yoga for Sixth Form boarders
08:12:20 10:45 - 15:45 Year 12 Virtual Biology Lecture
08:12:20 19:00 - 21:00 Boarders' Reconciliation Service
09:12:20 09:00 - 09:45

Nutritionist talk for Year 10

09:12:20 10:00 - 10:45 Nutritionist talk for Year 9
09:12:20 15:35 - 18:00 Lower School Christmas Party
10:12:20 14:00 - 15:00 Year 10 Online Maths Event
10:12:20 16:45 - 17:00 Rosary, Chapel
11:12:20 15:00 - 20:30 Year 11 Virtual Parents' Evening


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