E-weekly Issue 153

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Cornelian Lecture: Professor Georgina Ellison-Hughes

We were delighted to welcome Professor Georgina Ellison-Hughes as the latest speaker in our Cornelian Lecture programme on Wednesday evening. Georgina is a Professor of Regenerative Muscle Physiology and Marie Curie Fellow in the Centre of Human & Applied Physiological Sciences, King’s College London.

Her illuminating talk was live-streamed to the girls and gave them valuable insights into her ground-breaking research on the role of adult-derived stem cells in the regeneration of muscle tissue, including possible therapies for the treatment of Covid-19. The girls found the talk fascinating and Georgina kindly answered all of their questions at the end of the session. 

A recording of the Lecture will be shared with parents and OCs in due course. 

Mr John Doy, Head of Sixth Form

Olympian Michelle Griffith-Robinson leads Mayfield HIIT Workout 

On Wednesday, Michelle Griffith-Robinson OLY joined Remote PE to talk to the girls about her career as a triple jumper, which culminated in her representing Team GB at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. 

Michelle delivered an inspirational message based around the seven Olympic values of Friendship, Excellence, Respect, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality. She talked about following your dreams and the importance of staying active, before leading the girls in a high energy workout! She left the girls with a quote: “The Dream is nothing if it is left on the pillow.”  

Year 9 Maddie said: "Michelle’s talk was amazing. It really inspired me to think big, and made me want to do sport even more and train as if I am at School. I love how passionate she is and it made me want to be like her. I can relate to some of the things that she talked about and she has inspired me to dream big and know that nothing is impossible as long as I try my best." 

Huge thanks to OC Lindsay Garka (Mum to Echo in Year 10) for introducing us to Michelle and helping to set up the sessions.  

Mrs Georgina Fletcher, Director of Sport 

Cornelian Association 150th Anniversary Project Reminder

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the visit to Mayfield by Mother Cornelia Connelly and the subsequent gift of the Old Palace to the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, a prize for an extended piece or project was initiated in 2013.  This year marks the fifth competition. 

This piece of work is to be both creative and cross-curricular, embracing the values of the Cornelian ethos, and is intended to give the girls in Years 7, 8 and 9 the opportunity to undertake an extended piece of research, which will widen their academic and cultural horizons.

This year’s theme is ‘FUTURES’ – please see the email that you have been sent for further details and email cbaker@mayfieldgirls.org if you have any questions.

Please complete your entry form by 14:00 on Friday 12th February 2021 and submit your project by 12:00 midday on Friday 26th February 2021.  (Entries will be accepted from Monday 22nd February). Please submit your digital submission to: cornelianassociation150@gmail.com and copy in cbaker@mayfieldgirls.org

Thank you.

The Cornelian Association

Sixth Form ‘Jail Break’

In a bid to get the girls exercising in the fresh air, the Sixth Form tutor groups are competing to see who can complete the most miles in a ‘Jail Break’ Challenge. Please can competitors in Years 12 and 13 send their mileage and photos to Mrs Davies by Friday each week if you would like to double your score!

Mrs Rachel Davies, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Biology and STEM Coordinator


ARTiculation Challenge 2021

Music in Lockdown

Schola Cantorum
Schola Cantorum has produced a recording of Saint Saëns' 'Ave Maria' during this lockdown which you can watch here. Over two weeks, the girls learned their parts independently and then sent recordings to Dr Ward who edited and mixed them together with his piano accompaniment. Many thanks to our contributing singers - Year 13s Olivia and Helena, and Year 11s Christina, Sissi, Yueshi, Avery, Natalie, and Chloe, and Year 8 Ioanna – for this lovely recording. 

We hope you enjoy this beautiful piece, produced under unusual circumstances!

Mrs Le Riche has been running an open class for aspiring song-writers on Wednesday lunchtimes, and a good number of girls have been improving their skills in this area every week. Look out for their work in future E-weeklies!

Music Scholars Talks
During lockdown, music scholars, and gifted and talented musicians have been hearing remote talks given by inspiring young women making their way in the music world during this difficult time. On 20th February 2020 Sophie Horrocks spoke about her developing career as an opera singer and her current doctoral research on 19th century French operatic troupes; she also answered questions about how to choose a musical career and her love for Andrew Lloyd Webber.

On 27th February 2020 Joy Lisney talked about her life as a professional cellist, conductor and composer. She also told us about participating in protests over the crisis in the music industry during the coronavirus pandemic and responded to questions about the challenges of being a woman in the musical world.

In the final talk this half term, mezzo-soprano Helen Charleston will be discussing her 'Isolation Songbook' project.

Dr Matthew Ward, Director of Music

Biology Briefing

Last week, Year 11 Biologists researched the aims, benefits, and risks of the Human Genome Project. Yueshi gave an excellent presentation to the group summarising the Project, which prompted much debate about the risks surrounding employers or life insurance companies knowing an individual's genome.

I have suggested that the girls watch the 1997 film ‘Gattaca’ which is set in a future driven by eugenics, where children are conceived through genetic selection to ensure they possess the best hereditary traits of their parents. Something to prompt discussion at the dinner table!

Mrs Jocelyn Mahon, Head of Science

Geography Update

Year 13 Global Governance Unit
As part of the A Level Geography 'Global Governance' unit, Year 13 students have been presenting slides on a range of countries with widely differing levels of development (measured by the Human Development Index) and income distribution (measured by the Gini Index). Some very lively discussions followed each presentation - it was particularly interesting to examine to what extent geopolitics and globalisation had influenced each nation's level of development and quality of life. 

Mr Steve Gough, Head of Geography

Year 8 Arctic Tundra projects
Year 8 Geographers have been learning about the Arctic Tundra and were tasked with completing a summary of the term’s work. We learnt about the climate, vegetation and animals of the Arctic but most importantly (because Geographers love the links between the natural and human world), how people interact with them to survive in such harsh conditions. We also discussed the threats facing the natural and human elements of the Arctic and what solutions there are to the problems.

Erin’s wonderfully creative project included 3D rotating scenes of both land and sea, and Isla’s cake looked delicious and showed important cross-curricular skills with Food and Nutrition. Well done everyone!

Mrs Victoria Williams, Teacher of Geography

Further Maths Research

Year 12 Further Maths students presented their research into the lives of some important mathematicians last week. They looked at the people behind each formula and each theorem, and how they dedicated their lives to what they believed in.

Mrs Jana Carpinato, Teacher of Mathematics

News from the Chaplaincy 

If you would like to join us for the Rosary at 13:45 (Start of A1), you are very welcome. It will take no more than 15 minutes. If you have something you wish us to pray for, just let me know beforehand (you don’t need to be specific). The Rosary is streamed on Teams. Here’s the link, and you can use the same link every day:  Join us for the Rosary  

This Sunday’s Gospel: Mark 1:29-39 
Gospel Reflection:  
In last Sunday’s Gospel, we heard about how Jesus healed the possessed man in the synagogue. With one sharp command from Jesus, the unclean spirit left the man, and people marvelled at Jesus’ authority. This week’s Gospel follows straight on from that encounter. This time, Jesus enters his new friend Simon’s house, to find his mother-in-law seriously ill in bed. Silently, wordlessly, he takes her hand and immediately she rises from the bed, healed. Immediately, we are told, she begins to wait on the guests. Authority, and compassion, together. 

This passage has long been criticised for its portrayal of gender roles, but when we look at the language Mark used when writing the Gospel, I believe a very powerful message is revealed. The single word Mark uses to describe the mother-in-law’s action, diekonei (“she waited on them”), is related to the primary Church word for service, diakonia. We still have deacons in our church today. For generations, many deacons in the early Church were women, community leaders who would look after the sick and the widowed, share food throughout the community, and attend to the well-being of all. 

This story is a common theme in the Gospels, one we see time and time again. We encounter Christ, we are healed, we are called to change, and we are called to service. To diakonia. And what is incredible and comforting to note, is that all these encounters take place in the lived, everyday human experience. Christ comes to us in our sickness, in our aloneness, in our worry, our fear, our busy-ness. He comes to us in the synagogue, and in the streets of the city, and in our bedrooms. In our relationships and in our solitude, in our joys and in our suffering, Christ longs for encounter with us. Let us be open to this encounter, open to change, and certainly open to the service of others: 

Christ has no body but yours, 
No hands, no feet on earth but yours, 
Yours are the eyes with which he looks 
Compassion on this world, 
Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good, 
Yours are the hands, with which he blesses all the world. 
Yours are the hands, yours are the feet, 
Yours are the eyes, you are his body. 
Christ has no body now but yours, 
No hands, no feet on earth but yours, 
Yours are the eyes with which he looks 
compassion on this world. 
Christ has no body now on earth but yours. 

(St Teresa of Avila, 1515-1582) 
Mr Ronan Lavery, Lay Chaplain 

Remote PE

The girls have been enjoying various Dance-related PE sessions with Mrs Baker, as well as a range of live workouts and wellbeing options. Mrs Baker has been teaching the girls Latin dance techniques including the Salsa, Cha-cha-cha, and the Samba. They will also be learning to Charleston and Jive before Half Term. They will be well-prepared to take on ‘Strictly’ next year!

We have set the girls a challenge to teach members of their household some of these basic moves, so I hope you have managed to master some of the steps yourselves!

Mrs Claire Baker and Miss Imogen Jones, Teachers of PE

Leeds House Lockdown Boarders

The Leeds Lockdown boarders had a lovely weekend celebrating Sahana's birthday: they went on a long country walk, enjoyed a candle-lit liturgy, and sampled fruity mocktails and a melange of international cuisine. Delicious!

Mrs Charmaine Smith, Head of Sixth Form Boarding



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