E-weekly Issue 159

Lower School Easter Egg Hunt

On the last day of term, Lower School enjoyed a visit from the Easter Bunny, who set out clues around the School for the girls to follow. Our Sixth Form Prefects, Ibee and Georgia, did a marvellous job in organising the Bunny on his Easter Mayfield Mission.

Everyone got involved, including girls overseas and working remotely, who were able to join the hunt via Microsoft Teams. The winners were Jess, Flora, Alicia and Rachel. Well done all!

Mrs Claire Baker, Head of Lower School


Inter-House Drama

On the last day of term, the annual Inter House Drama took place. The challenge this year was to write and record a short radio play based on 'Mayfield Life.' During lockdown, the students spent time collaborating and putting the project together on a shared platform. 

This year our judge was Ms Julie Upton, a former Head of Drama at Mayfield, with many years of experience teaching, directing and examining within the Performing Arts sector. She was delighted to be asked back to Mayfield and commented: “Radio is an exciting but difficult medium as there are no visual images, so audience engagement is totally dependent on the story and the actor's ability to tell it. When done well, the listener is engaged and uses their imagination to be transported to a different time and place.”

The plays were broadcast to the whole School and all were well-structured with a strong beginning that immediately engaged the listener. Each House made good use of sound effects and there was strong use of pertinent vocabulary. They all provided a clear connection with the title, and it was refreshing to see that every House had taken a different approach.

The acting overall was good with all actors being mindful of voice modulation to engage the audience. However, there can only be one winner and this year Glennie took home the trophy for the best radio play ‘A Mayfield Murder!’, with Astor coming second, Bronte third and Curie fourth. Ms Upton singled out Year 9s Breanna (Astor) and Tabatha (Glennie) for their outstanding performances, and Year 12 Evie designed the winning programme for Glennie. Well done to all those who took part and a special thanks to Miss Clark for assisting with the IT elements, and Ms Upton for being a superb judge.

Have a Happy Easter everyone! 

Mrs Sally Gerstmeyer, Head of Drama 

Calling all Old Cornelians

We will shortly be mailing out the latest edition of the Old Cornelian Magazine so please ensure we have the correct postal address for you by emailing it to  oldcornelians@mayfieldgirls.org

Thank you.

Dr Marie-Sophie Reijers, OC Co-ordinator

MESSy Bees

MESSy (Mayfield Environmental and Sustainability Society) has been busy planning how to encourage more bees into the School grounds. We will be planting wildflower seeds soon!

Mr Steve Gough, Head of Geography and Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Cornelian Association Anniversary Competition 2021

This year, the theme for the Cornelian Association Anniversary Competition for girls in Lower School and Year 9 was ‘Futures’, and the Cornelian Association would like to thank everyone who took part: “Thank you very much indeed to all the competitors who invested so much time and effort in their wonderful projects.  It gave us such joy to read and to see your ideas presented, so often, with such passion.  Although inevitably this subject creates a common, underlying theme, you all tackled it differently, and every entry is praiseworthy – making it very difficult for us to choose between them.  You have proved yourselves to be imaginative, capable of detailed research, and frequently adept at multi-media presentations.

“This was an excellent group of entries, and we are very impressed with the energy and imagination you put into your work. You taught us so much, and we marvelled at your creative talents, and your breadth of knowledge.”
The Cornelian Association

The Competition results are as follows:

Year 9
Year group Winner – Breanna for ‘Let me be’
Highly Commended – Emma for ‘Feeding our futures’
Commended – Katie for ‘Technological futures’
Best Essay – Phoebe for ‘The future in dystopian literature’

Year 8
Year group winner – Mabel for ‘A sustainable future’
Highly Commended – Anna for ‘Trading futures’
Commended – Sarah for ‘Future of our world’
Best Essay – Alexa for ‘Reading the future’

Year 7
Year group winner – Alice for ‘The formidable thought of the future’
Highly Commended – Allegra for ‘Africa’s sustainable future’
Commended – Sofia for ‘The future at its greatest’

New British Sign Language Club launching

Mr Ronan Lavery and Dr Reijers will be launching an exciting new British Sign Language Club for students next term. The girls will be taught by Weald BSL and the course will open up a world of opportunities to communicate with members of the deaf community.  

We hope that by the end of the two eight-week courses, participants will be able to understand basic information using British Sign Language, and to follow and take part in simple conversations. If there is enough interest, we may enrol girls for the Level 1 Qualification next year.  The Club will begin on Wednesday 28th April and will take place during A2.

The Club will be taught by Marcel, who is himself deaf, and who has over 20 years’ experience in teaching. He comes highly recommended by people who are active within the deaf community. 

Many of us are not aware of the communication difficulties faced by those who are deaf or hard of hearing, and this is a great way to learn a skill for life - which you can also use for your DofE.   

For further information, please contact Mr Lavery or Dr Reijers. 

Mr Ronan Lavery, Lay Chaplain, and Dr Marie-Sophie Reijers, Specialist Learning Support Assistant and OC Co-ordinator

Mayfield School Careers Video Project

Many thanks to all the parents and OCs who have already submitted their careers videos to the new Mayfield Careers Video Library. However, we still need more videos covering more careers. If you would like to contribute a short video talking about your career, please click here for details of how to go about it, and here for the information we need from you about your video Mayfield Video Careers Programme - Consent Form

Mrs Amanda Glubb, Head of Careers

Mayfield Radio

Just in time for Easter, here is the fourth episode of Mayfield Radio. In this show, the girls reflect on the past year, online lessons and returning to School. If there is a topic you would like us to cover in future episodes, or if you would like to get involved please email: mayfieldgirlsradio@mayfieldgirls.org

Thank you.

Mrs Lynette Le Riche, Teacher of Music and SPARK Camp Co-ordinator

Assistive Design Project in Innovate

As part of their Innovate lessons this term, girls in Year 9 have been learning how to use 3D computer aided design (CAD) software to create a prototype device that could assist someone with a physical disability or mental health condition to deal with the small challenges they may experience in their everyday routine.

The Innovate team (Dr Corvan, Mrs Bartlett and myself) were impressed with the imagination and creativity shown by the girls, particularly those who focused their project on the difficulties faced by a friend or relative. Some of the innovative ideas that the girls came up with included braille jam jar lid labels and toothbrush holders, make-up holders, and spoons for those with joint problems in their hands, fidget spinners or objects to help manage anxiety, and even a snowball maker/thrower for Raynaud’s sufferers!

The girls were delighted to see their designs brought to life before their eyes on the 3D printer and have been able to evaluate their prototypes and consider ways they could be improved. As well as improving their technical skills, engagement and awareness of technology, Innovate aims to develop self-reliance and resilience among the girls, who are encouraged to problem-solve and overcome challenges independently or as part of a team.

In the Summer Term in Innovate, the girls will be developing their coding skills and programming robotic buggies to navigate courses, avoid obstacles and even play robot football!

Mr David Warren, Head of History and Innovation Co-ordinator


Junior Tech Club Takes Off

This year in Junior Tech Club (open to all pupils in Years 7 and 8), the girls have been making their own micro-drones. They have learnt how to use 3D computer aided design (CAD) software to create the drone chassis, which was then fabricated using the School’s 3D printer.

After careful assembly and calibration of the motors, propellers and flight control board, this week the drones lifted off for the first time! Piloting the drones was a challenge but the girls made rapid progress and were able to navigate through a gate.

Next term we will be adding tiny cameras to the drones which will be connected to FPV (first person view) video goggles so that the girls can fly as if they were actually on board the drone. Special thanks to Mr Mendes and Mrs Bartlett for their support of the club.

Junior Tech Club takes place on Tuesday during A1 in Room 13. If you would like to watch the drones in action, please click here.

Mr David Warren, Head of History and Innovation Co-ordinator 

The Year 10 Great Theological Debate

This week, Mr Pierce’s Year 10 RS class transported themselves back to a ‘Medieval style’ University for a theological disputation. The class divided themselves into Jesuit and Dominican teams to discuss the thought-provoking statement ‘Without the Resurrection there would be no Christianity’. The conversation led to interesting theological discussions, such as the centrality of belief in the resurrection for Catholic faith by ‘Dominican Friars’ Tabitha and Yaa, and impressive scriptural reasoning, proffering that Baptism was instituted before the historical resurrection of Christ by ‘Jesuit Scholars’ Annabel and Rachael.

A thoughtful ‘Sed Contra’ (On the contrary for non-Thomists) was then given by ‘Dominican’ Megan who argued that although the Gospels order Christ’s Baptism before the historical resurrection, the resurrection brings it into greater meaning and discloses God’s divine plan for humanity as a whole. An impressive and highly skilled scriptural reasoning exhibited by all who took part! Well done girls!

Mr Christopher Pierce, Teacher of Religious Studies

Philosophy Salon

Based upon the concept of the ‘Parisian Salon’, where women played a significant role and implemented the values of the Enlightenment, this Mayfield group of Year 11 girls value intellectual presentation and conversation. Discussions cover areas of philosophical enquiry and enable members to exchange and explore ideas whilst enjoying a traditional sweet course (courtesy of our very skilled in-house Mayfield pastry chef!) 

Salonnieres take it in turn to present an area of interest to the rest of the group and host the session (often wearing an academic gown to show who is leading the discussion). This is then followed by an informal discussion and allows other members to offer ideas, poetry, philosophy and thoughts.

This week we were delighted to hear from Elizabeth on the topic ‘The Nature and Purpose of Education’. She researched and covered a wide range of ideas, from a brief history of education through time and its implication on the education (or lack of) for women, to cultural and religious differences, and expectations in society. A thought-provoking discussion followed whilst the girls enjoyed a delightful strawberry dessert and hot chocolate!

This group of Year 11s meet at least every three weeks (or fortnightly if the term and Covid permit), on Wednesdays in A2 in the Governors’ Room.’

Mr Christopher Pierce, Teacher of Religious Studies

Mayfield Census 2021

The Mathematics Department has been carrying out activities centred around the National Census over the past two weeks. The girls were given an introduction to the National Census by their tutors, and then took part in a Kahoot quiz to test their knowledge.

In Maths lessons, they were introduced to the fictitious island of Statistopia, about which they completed some mini challenges. Each challenge presented Statistopia census information that the girls analysed to make decisions about how many new schools were needed on the island, and whether the island should expand the regional metro train or the rural bus services. This gave the girls an opportunity to reflect on the importance of data in real-world decision-making.

Using this year’s National Census, the girls looked at different types of question and what makes a good question. They then devised their own questions to be included on our own Mayfield Census 2021. The girls were very imaginative and thoughtful, and created some excellent questions: “What is your favourite place at School?”, “Which environmental issues are you most concerned about?”, “If you could meet any person in time, who would it be?” Not every question could be included as it would have taken several hours to complete the Census, but ‘well done’ to the students and staff whose questions were chosen.

All staff and students were given the opportunity to take part in the Mayfield Census 2021 and the results will be revealed after the Easter holidays.

Mrs Sally Howie, Teacher of Maths

News from the Chaplaincy

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song” - Pope St John Paul II.

We wish you all a happy, holy and restful Easter break, as we move inexorably towards the joy of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. Let us continue to look forward with hope, with faith, and with courage.

God bless, and we’ll see you all in the Summer Term!

Mr Ronan Lavery, Lay Chaplain

Chill Out Club

In this week's Lower School Chill Out Club, the girls enjoyed some mindful time sitting outside in the sunshine painting wooden Easter eggs. They then had fun hunting for chocolate Easter eggs in the Lower School Garden.

I hope all our girls will find plenty of time to relax and unwind over the holidays after what has been a rather unusual term. I look forward to welcoming members of Chill Out Club back after Easter for more fun and creative mindful activities. New members are always welcome!

Mrs Anna Maimi, Teacher of ESOL and Spanish, Year 10 Senior Tutor

Get your Game on!’ Workshop

On Saturday 20th March, the PE Department led a virtual workshop for future Mayfield pupils called ‘Get your Game on!’ The hour-long workshop kicked off with Miss Jones’ Scavenger Hunt which gave the attendees the opportunity to get to know each other and also to share their favourite sports, interests, and even trainers!

Mrs Fletcher then took over and the girls took part in a nutrition quiz, before being taken through a live cookery class making ‘energy cookies’. These only required six ingredients and are really easy to make, and a fabulous source of good energy for sport.

The workshop was completed by Miss Starr taking the girls through some hand-eye co-ordination, ball throwing, and catching games to improve their cricket. At the end of the workshop, the girls had the opportunity to ask any questions about sporting life at Mayfield School.

Mrs Georgina Fletcher, Director of Sport

Mayfield Bakers Celebrate Easter

The girls in Lower School Cookery Club had a wonderful time baking scrumptious Easter cakes decorated with mini eggs, and, last weekend, the boarders made delicious hot cross buns. Happy Easter everyone!

Mrs Claire Davies, Teacher of Food and Nutrition


Mayfield SPARK Camps 2021

We are very much looking forward to welcoming children from Reception to Year 8 back to Mayfield for a fun-filled SPARK holiday Camp this Summer. Check out our Facebook page for further updates: https://www.facebook.com/MayfieldSPARKCamps

Mrs Lynette Le Riche, SPARK Camp Co-ordinator



Date Time Event
14/04/21 18:00  Boarders return to School
15/04/21 08:20  Lessons commence
15/04/21  9 days Y13 Mocks - Gresham
15/04/21 08:30  Y12 Study Leave
15/04/21 12:15  Competitive House Committee Meeting 

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