E-weekly Issue 179

Message from Mrs Green 

This week, I attended the Girls’ School Association Heads’ Annual Conference which focused on the theme 'Girls - the voice of positive change'.  There was much discussion around sustainability, preparing girls for the world of work (in particular in STEM), and encouraging girls to consider careers in finance, a sector in which they are still significantly under-represented. 

Among the speakers were several girls, one of whom has set up 'Force of Nature' to look at what girls can do both as individuals and collectively to ensure that the COP26 goals are achieved.  Freya, a survivor of the Manchester bombing, gave a moving speech about losing her best friend, how the bombing changed her life, and how she is trying to raise money for charity. Interestingly, she found fundraising easy initially, but this has become more difficult as time passes and people move on and forget.

This is an important reminder to us all of the vital role of our charity days at school and the support provided by the girls: one day they may be in need of help, and raising money by donating £1 on School charity days can make a real difference to someone's life.  Looking outwards and giving to others are core elements of our Cornelian principles.

In School this week we held our annual St Cecilia's Concert, with some delightful performances from our Music Scholars, covering a range of genres, from classical to film to musicals. Please do take a look at the recording of the event - you'll find a link in the story below.  This evening we look forward to welcoming Year 7 parents to our Virtual Parents' Evening.

I am also delighted to announce that Mayfield has, once again, been named as a Top 20 Girls’ Schools for Cricket in the UK by The Cricketer magazine!  We congratulate and acknowledge the commitment and determination of the girls and staff, especially Miss Starr.  It is a wonderful achievement, especially as our cricket programme at Mayfield was established only four years ago.  There was further good news this week when Amelia, Jess and Lizzie were selected for the Sussex County Cricket First Team in their respective age groups. Well done girls!

Finally, Christmas cards featuring the artwork of our very own Valeria B are now available from Andrea in Reception, costing £5 for a pack of five. Please do pop in if you would like to buy any cards.

Mrs Niamh Green, Acting Headmistress



Pathways Careers Bulletin
If you would like to view the latest Pathways Careers Bulletin from the Careers Department, please click here.
Mrs Amanda Glubb, Head of Careers and Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Manager

News from the Friends and the Year Reps
Year 7 Dates for the Diary:
Thursday 16th December at 11:00 - End of Term Brunch at Eggs Eleven in The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells 
Please email Caron Williamson on caron77@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to attend any of these events. Thank you.

Year 8 Dates for the Diary:
Thursday 9th December – Parents’ supper at The Middle House, Mayfield.

Year 9 Dates for the Diary:
Friday 17th December at 10:00 - Brunch/coffee at The Middle House, Mayfield.

Year 10 Dates for your Diary:
Tuesday 30th November at 09:00 - Mince pies, mulled wine, coffee  and a walk - meet in Lower School Car Park.

Year 11 Dates for your Diary:
Wednesday 15th December from 09:00 –Brunch/coffee at The Middle House.  Please email laurascriven@btinternet.com if you would like to attend.

Year 12 Dates for the Diary
Monday 13th December at 19:30 – Christmas drinks and canapés at Coco Retro in Tunbridge Wells. Further details to follow.

Year 13 Dates for the Diary:
Friday 10th December at 18:00 - Christmas ice skating in Calverley Park followed by a meal at Wagamama’s at 19:30. Please follow the link in the email sent by School on 5th November to book your tickets.

Thank you.
The Friends

History of Art Conference at the National Gallery

On Saturday 20th November, Year 12 and 13 History of Art students attended the annual ‘Ways of Seeing’ schools’ conference, organised by the Association for Art History at the National Gallery London, back in-person after being online last year. The topic this year was the Edexcel History of Art A Level Theme: Identities. 

The most popular lecture with Mayfield students was from Susan Jones, New College of the Humanities, on ‘Jan van Eyck and Identity’. Year 13 Lucia said: “It was very interesting to hear all the different ways in which people see identity. I particularly enjoyed the lecture about van Eyck as I got to know more exciting facts about an artist whose works I had already read about.”

Year 12 Anais “liked how she analysed very small details” in the paintings, and Year 12 Emily commented: “I really found the lectures interesting. There were five different talks we got to attend and we all agreed that the van Eyck lecture was extremely useful for our studies. I definitely learnt and absorbed new information that will further guide me in my Art History studies so I’m very grateful I could attend.”  

Year 12 Emily, also taking Textiles, enjoyed the talk by Mark Rawlinson, University of Nottingham on ‘Jasper Johns’ Flag’, saying “I learnt a lot about the flag which will help with my Textiles research.” Year 12 Yueshi also found connections to other subjects: “I especially enjoyed the last two talks because one was on the American identity during the Cold War and the other discussed identities in the 15th century, and so they link very well to the Cold War in Europe and the Wars of the Roses - topics we are doing in History!”

One popular talk was from Sixth Form student and ARTiculation competition finalist, Rosy Akalwu-Ellman on Steve McQueen’s work ‘Year 3’. Year 12 Yueshi commented: “I liked the speaker’s enthusiasm, the topic was very interesting to me and I was especially struck by the point she made about ‘idiosyncrasies in the ordinary.” Year 12 Phoebe, also taking Theatre Studies, felt the delivery of this talk “was sharp and engaging, relating it back to her own story.”

There were also talks by Beth Hughes on the Arts Council Collection, and Sadie Coles of Sadie Coles HQ on running a commercial art gallery; for Year 12 Izzy this meant she “learnt more about career opportunities.” Overall, Year 13 Alice found “It was really insightful to listen to many different approaches towards the way in which we view art and how it can contribute to other subjects.” 

Dr Joanna Weddell, Head of History of Art

Jan van Eyck, Self-Portrait, 1433, oil on oak, 26 x 19cm, National Gallery, London. 


Safe Drive Stay Alive

On Friday, Year 12s watched the Safe Drive Stay Alive film produced by the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. They learnt that 16-24 year olds are most at risk for driving accidents. A range of speakers who have been directly affected by car fatalities shared their stories and discussed the ‘Fatal 4’ of seat belt, speed, distraction and drink/drunk driving.

Mrs Rachel Davies, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Biology and STEM Co-ordinator

St Cecilia’s Concert

On Tuesday night, the Music Department hosted the annual St Cecilia’s Concert featuring performances by our Music Scholars in Gresham.

The music covered everything from ‘The Bare Necessities’ to ‘O mio babbino caro’, from ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ to Chopin Nocturnes, and so had something for everyone.


Dr Matthew Ward, Director of Music

Sixth Form Enrichment Trip to Froghole Farm

Last week, Year 12 girls enjoyed a muddy trip to Froghole Farm as part of their Sixth Form Enrichment Programme. The girls helped Farmer Guy Brickell with the dairy cattle, herding the cows in to the milking parlour and preparing them for milking.

The milk has a high fat content and is sent to a creamery in Five Ashes to make delicious local cheese.

Mrs Rachel Davies, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Biology and STEM Co-ordinator



Year 9 Cross Curricular Day

Last Wednesday, Year 9s took part in a themed cross-curricular day on ‘21st Century Parenting’. The day kicked off with talks from a local midwife and health visitor, who were very impressed with how interactive our girls were, and with their fantastic questions.

They then attended a range of workshops on Parenting Styles as depicted by art through the ages. The girls also looked at Practical Parenting by planning a week's shopping for a family on a budget of £100; Animal Parenting by considering how different organisms look after their young; and Parenting Scenarios through role play. The day was concluded with final reflections from Ronan and his daughter Lily. 

Feedback from the girls was very positive:

"Parenting can be harder than expected. Parenting requires a lot of time and it also requires you to give up something. Parenting is going to change your life and the decisions you make will affect your children either in a good or bad way."

"I learned that a baby's stomach is around the size of a marble when it has just been born."

Mrs Rachel Davies, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Biology and STEM Co-ordinator

News from the Chaplaincy

You are invited to Adoration (Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament) every weekday during Advent. Adoration will take place in Chapel every A1, from 13:45 to 14:05. Everyone is welcome and you can stay as long as you want.

Thank you.

Gospel Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent

Luke 21:25-28, 34-36 That day will be sprung on you suddenly, like a trap.

Advent is one of my favourite times of the liturgical year. The days become shorter. Night seems to draw in all around us. Yet we are reminded each Sunday of the coming, the adventus, of Jesus Christ, Light of the World. During an Advent procession, the congregation waits in darkness and then the choir enter holding candles, proclaiming Jesus Christ coming amongst us and banishing the darkness from us.

In this Sunday’s gospel, Christ warns us about becoming distracted by the “cares of life”, but it is too often easy to do so. We are busy with schoolwork, revision, or buying Christmas gifts. It is tricky to find the time to sit and think and pray. Advent invites us to take the time. Indeed, it is with a sense of urgency and immediacy that Jesus tells us to do so: “That day will be sprung on you suddenly, like a trap.”

Christmas is not, contrary to the endless Christmas-themed adverts on television, a time simply for food, presents, and parties. Christmas is a time of tremendous joy for us because, as St John teaches us, the Word of God “took flesh and dwelt amongst us.” Advent is a time of patience, anticipation, contemplation, and preparation – a chance to turn away from the darkness of the world and its temptations, and to turn to Christ, “the true light, who gives light to everyone” (John 1:9).

What can we do this Advent to better prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ? Perhaps this coming Sunday, you could take the time to sit and pray. Perhaps listen to an Advent Carol (or two). (My personal favourite is ‘Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence’). Perhaps you could think about the light in your own life – the people around you who brighten your day and make you smile. Perhaps you could think about how to brighten someone else’s day too.

And, if you have the time, there are sure to be Advent services, both Catholic and Anglican, near you or available to watch online. These are well worth a watch and listen.

Miss Kathleen McCulloch, St Dunstan’s Assistant Housemistress  

Mayfield Scout’s Christmas Trees

Brownies Science Badge

Wadhurst Brownies visited us again to continue their badgework. The theme this week was aviation, and they made their own plastic bottle rockets, investigating different ways of launching them.

Mrs Rachel Davies, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Biology and STEM Co-ordinator

PE Department Update

Hockey News
Last weekend we had a block fixture against Cranbrook School, with the 1XI and U15 playing at home, and the 2XI and U14 playing away. Throughout the matches the girls played some brilliant hockey, maintaining good possession. It was very encouraging to see all the teams playing the style of hockey they've been training hard to master, and they should be proud of their performances. Special mentions must go to U15s Hannah and Tilda who scored two fantastic goals between them.

Lower School fixtures returned this week, with the Year 7 and 8 A and B teams playing Brighton College. All four games were closely contested, and the girls showcased their positional understanding and teamwork throughout the afternoon. They achieved a fantastic set of results with the Year 7 teams both winning. The U13B’s played some of their best hockey, winning 3-0. The goal scorers were Alice, Maria and Ana. A “well done” also goes to Cordi for keeping a clean sheet in goal. It was an amazing team effort, and a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of fixtures.

Congratulations to Year 9s Amelia and Jess, and Year 11 Lizzie who have been selected in the Sussex County Cricket First Team in their respective age groups. This is an outstanding achievement and something they should be very proud of, as we certainly are. We look forward to watching their progress in winter nets as the Cricket season approaches.

Miss Emily Starr, Assistant Director of Sport

News from the School Shop

Account Information for Parents/Guardians
Please note that the invoices you receive from the School Shop at the end of term will run from 1st September to 30th November 2021. Any purchases made from the School Shop in December 2021 will appear on your Spring Term bill.

Lost Property
Please see below items of lost property currently in the School Shop. If you think any of these items are yours, please come and collect them. Anything not collected at the end of term will be sold for charity or disposed of.

Christmas Shop
There is now a special Christmas Shop within the School Shop selling Christmas gifts (most of which cost less than £5.00). These include Christmas earrings in a box (£2.65 a pair), assorted toiletry gifts, candles, Christmas stationery, and sweets in Christmas hessian bags. These are perfect for Secret Santa or small gifts for family and friends. We also offer a wrapping service whereby you can pick a bow, tag and paper, and leave your items with us to be wrapped before collecting them at the next break. This service costs 30p and we are also happy to wrap items purchased elsewhere.

For those of you who want to wrap your own items, we have a small number of wrap sets and Christmas tissue paper. We also stock tinsel, paper chains and small Christmas decorations if you want to decorate your bedrooms / dormitories.

As always, please make sure have the bill payer’s permission before you put items on your School bill. You can also use your own debit cards or cash if you prefer.

Do you want to earn House Points?
You can earn House points from the School Shop if you are buying re-fillable shampoo and conditioner. This is how it works:

-          Earn 3 points if you bring in your own re-fillable bottle (so this would be 6 points if you are refilling shampoo and conditioner)
-          Earn 3 points (for each purchase) if you buy our refillable shampoo and conditioner (potentially 6 points)
-          Earn 3 points if you just bring in an empty, clean shampoo or conditioner bottle. Please don’t put them in the bin when you have finished with them – bring them to the School Shop and we will give you 3 points for each bottle you bring. You don’t have to be buying anything from us.

We are also trying to be environmentally responsible by doing the following:
-          We sell products including bamboo toothbrushes, cardboard/cotton only ear buds, re-usable water bottles made from aluminium, bamboo re-useable coffee cups and stainless steel travel mugs.
-          We do not stock wet wipes - these are often non bio degradable and are terrible for the sewage system and landfill.
-          We do not sell spray deodorant as the CF gases are harmful to the environment.
-          We are trialling shampoo/conditioner in soap bar form – they come in cardboard packaging and are cheaper than shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles.
-          Plastic packaging from clothes is re-used and we encourage our suppliers to send products to us without plastic sleeves where practical. This includes School kilts, fleeces, house polo shirts and base layer tops.
-          We sell pre-loved School uniform (subject to availability), so you have a choice when shopping. While you are at Mayfield, we also buy back suitable pieces of uniform and credit your School Shop account straight away, in order to encourage a more robust return of uniform. Any uniform that is too worn, broken, marked or has the obsolete logo on it is donated to Mary’s Meals or a clothing bank – it is not sent to landfill.
-          90% of the time we only use paper bags for goods sold in the Shop, and these are always offered so you have the opportunity to say “no” and save on packaging. The only plastic bags we have are biodegradable and are only used when we sell large amounts of uniform that are too heavy for a paper bag.

We can always do more and are open to ideas to make us a more responsible and sustainable shop. If you have an idea, please email me at sbowles@mayfieldgirls.org – if you are a student, I am happy to give you House points for your ideas.

Mrs Susan Bowles, School Shop Manager


Date Time  Event
27/11/21 12:20-16:30 Leeds boarders swimming trip - Eastbourne
27/11/21 13:00-17:00 Gabs boarders trip - Globalls and Bowling, Brighton
28/11/21 11:30-12:30 Sunday Mass - Chapel
29/11/21 All day Year 11 Mock Examinations - Gresham and The Space
29/11/21  5 days Year 13 in lesson TAG assessment week
29/11/21 08:20-08:55 Whole School Assembly
29/11/21 15:35-18:00 Year 9&10 G&T Drama Workshop
29/11/21 16:00-18:00 Year 13 Further Maths Integration Bee - Gym
30/11/21 All day Year 11 Mock Examinations - Gresham and The Space
01/12/21 All day Year 11 Mock Examinations - Gresham and The Space
02/12/21 All day Year 11 Mock Examinations - Gresham and The Space
03/12/21 All day Year 11 Mock Examinations - Gresham and The Space
03/12/21 14:00-16:30 Year 11 Post Mocks Celebrations
03/12/21 19:00-22:00 St Dunstan's Christmas Party - Courtyard/Concert Hall


Car Park
A one-way system now operates in the Car Park.  To ensure that traffic flows freely and for safety, please do not wait for your daughter in the line of traffic but park in a space and wait for her there. Thank you.

If your daughter is going to be absent from lessons, please email absence@mayfieldgirls.org

Contacting Staff
If you need to contact a member of staff, please do so by email. If you do not have the member of staff’s email address, School emails follow this format: first initial and surname@mayfieldgirls.org  e.g abunce@mayfieldgirls.org
Please do not come into School unless by appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

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