E-weekly Issue 180

Message from Mrs Green 

This week we hosted a number of events for pupils including our inaugural Integration Bee, a Maths competition involving our Sixth Formers alongside pupils from Tonbridge School, Skinners School and Uplands College (see pic above), which proved to be a great success. We also held practice interviews for Oxbridge with Skinners and Tonbridge Grammar School.  Year 11 celebrated this afternoon the completion of their Mocks and Year 13 finished their assessments, so a big well done to the girls. Next week our musicians and Lower School choir are looking forward to our annual Music Concert, where they will be performing to their peers and a recording will be available for parents.

Our Christmas trees and decorations have also gone up this week so the School is feeling very festive and Ronan and his chaplaincy team have definitely made a big effort this year. Don’t forget that you can now purchase Mayfield Christmas cards - designed by Valeria in Year 13 - from Andrea in reception, with packs of five costing £5.

Thank you.

Mrs Niamh Green, Acting Headmistress


News from the Friends and the Year Reps
Year 7 Dates for the Diary:
Thursday 16th December at 11:00 - End of Term Brunch at Eggs Eleven in The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells.
Please email Caron Williamson on caron77@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to attend.

Year 8 Dates for the Diary:
Thursday 9th December – Parents’ supper at The Middle House, Mayfield.

Year 9 Dates for the Diary:
Friday 17th December at 10:00 - Brunch/coffee at The Middle House, Mayfield.

Year 10 Dates for your Diary:
Tuesday 14th December 19:00 to 20:30 – Christmas drinks at The Bell, Ticehurst.
Please email emmathered@me.com or clare.macd@icloud.com to confirm if you’re coming!

Year 11 Dates for your Diary:
Wednesday 15th December from 09:00 –Brunch/coffee at The Middle House. 
Please email laurascriven@btinternet.com if you would like to attend.

Year 12 Dates for the Diary
Monday 13th December at 19:30 – Christmas drinks and canapés at Coco Retro in Tunbridge Wells.
Further details to follow.

Year 13 Dates for the Diary:
Friday 10th December at 18:00 - Christmas ice skating in Calverley Park followed by a meal at Wagamama’s at 19:30.
Please follow the link in the email sent by School on 5th November to book your tickets.

Thank you.
The Friends

News from the Library

First page of the PDF file: eweeklyChristmasQuiz21docx2

Mrs Julie Gabriel, Librarian

Weekend Boarding Fun

On Saturday 27th November, the boarders had an action-packed afternoon led by the PE Department, with Leeds House going swimming at The Sovereign Centre in Eastbourne, and St Gabriel’s House going to Globalls (glow in the dark mini golf), and Hollywood Bowl at Brighton Marina.  Much fun was had by all!

Miss Sophie Auer, Head of Year 9 and Teacher of PE


STEM in Life Skills

The Year 9s were set a technical challenge to make a cardboard chair with no tape, staples or glue in their Life Skills sessions. The judges were very impressed with the creativity and great sales pitches, as well as the girls’ resilience when things did not go to plan.

There was a great variety of different designs which was very impressive given the girls all started with the same materials. Designs included a stool, a sun lounger, a chair for toddlers and a pet chair. And of course, all the designs were made from sustainable materials and were fully recyclable.

Mrs Rachel Davies, STEM Co-ordinator, Deputy Head of Sixth Form and Teacher of Science


Year 9 Time Capsule

Year 9 English students have prepared a time capsule to be opened at the end of the Summer term. The capsule provides a snap shot of life in November 2021, and includes written notes to their future selves and artefacts of interest.  They very much enjoyed deciding what to put into the time capsule and are concerned that I remember to ‘dig it up’ at the end of June!

Mrs Lucinda Misiewicz

Drama Restoration Comedy Workshop

On Monday 29th November, a selection of Year 9 pupils took part in a Restoration Comedy workshop, led by Mrs Sophie Watkiss. The exciting opportunity introduced them to a different genre and way of working.

Restoration comedy was prominent in Britain after King Charles II and his army conquered the puritans. Following the rather strict puritan regime, society was ready for something a little lighter. This period saw the first females perform on stage and the influence of this movement is still within Drama today.

The girls worked well together, experimenting with different characters whilst using props such as fans and canes. I look forward to seeing how the girls will use these new techniques to extend their learning in future Drama lessons. Thank you to Mrs Watkiss and well done to those that took part.

Mrs Sally Gerstmeyer, Head of Drama


Year 9 Recognition of Effort

As part of my tracking of pupils’ academic and pastoral progress, I look at the effort put in by all Year 9 girls each term.  In Year 9 we believe that effort is key to unlocking potential. I am delighted to award the Top 5 effort prizes to the following girls: Onnae, Meryl, Izzy, Catherine, and Ines. 

Congratulations on your fantastic transition into Middle School and the great effort you have put into your academic studies across all your subjects.  

Miss Sophie Auer, Head of Year 9 and Teacher of PE

News from the Maths Department

Integration Bee
On Monday 29th November, Mayfield Maths Department hosted the inaugural Integration Bee competition organised by Mrs Motoc. Our Further Mathematicians, Victoria D, Victoria B and Valeria B were joined by mathematicians from Tonbridge School, Skinners School and Uplands College.

In Round 1, the students worked through a mixed selection of integrals from the A Level Maths and Further Maths Syllabus which had to be attempted in 30 minutes. Each correct answer scored five points and there was a deduction of five marks for forgetting the ‘+c’! A short break followed which allowed the students to socialise and discuss the questions from the first round.

Round 2 was a relay race with mixed difficulty questions which caused much excitement. When a question was completed, it had be taken to the allocated teacher for marking before being given the next question. Each correct answer scored five marks.

James H and Winner S from Tonbridge School were jointly crowned ‘Master Integrators’ scoring an impressive 120 points.

The students and teachers said:

“Our boys were buzzing about it today!”

"This event strengthened my belief that I should study Maths at university. I enjoyed the trigonometric integrals, as they required intensive creative thinking!" 

"I have not enjoyed myself so much since university!"

"This was a great chance to extend ourselves beyond the typical Maths curriculum, in a fun and competitive format. Thank you very much to Mrs Motoc and the Maths Department for their hard work organising the Competition!"

Miss Andrianna Demetriou, Head of Maths

Lower School Maths Clinic
Our Year 12 Further Mathematicians - Charlotte, Elizabeth and Christina - are offering Maths help to anyone that needs it in The Lower School Foyer on Mondays, during A2.

Mrs Lavinia Motoc, Teacher of Mathematics

Senior Mathematical Challenge
At the beginning of November, some of our Year 12 and Year 13 Mathematicians took part in the UKMT Senior Mathematical Challenge, a 90 minute paper of challenging Maths questions. The Mathematics Department is pleased to report the following results.

Gold certificates: Victoria B, Valeria, Victoria D and Sheraine.
Silver certificates: Jemima, Charlotte and Elizabeth.
Bronze certificates: Helena, Janna, Saskia, Christina, Vera, Jamie, Charlotte, Natali and Mia.
Valeria, Victoria D, Victoria B and Sheraine also qualified for the ‘Senior Kangaroo’ which takes place later this month.
Well done to all Year 12 and Year 13 girls who participated in the Senior Mathematical Challenge. 

Mrs Sally Howie, Teacher of Maths

Maths Week - Results of the Maths Joke Competition
Below you can read some of our favourite jokes from the Maths Week Joke Competition!

Who was the fattest knight at the round table?
Sir Cumference.  ​He ate too much pi.
(Year 11 Sophie)

Did you hear about the over-educated circle? It has 360°!

Which king loved fractions? 
Henry the ⅛.
(Year 11 Annabel)

How do you count cows?
With a cowculator
(Year 8 Anna)

Maths Ambassadors Victoria D and Victoria B

Maths in Action Workshop
On 18th November, Year 12 and 13 A Level Mathematics students attended a series of Maths in Action lectures, during which they had the opportunity to listen to a team of mathematicians, engineers and statisticians including Sophie Harker from BAE Systems, Karen Page from UCL, author and broadcaster Alex Bellos, mathematician and musician Ben Sparks, and Maths communicator Kyle Evans.

The speakers explained how Maths could be applied to make advances in different fields such as the aerospace industry, or understanding different areas of behaviour. Other speakers presented different Maths puzzles and mathematical conundrums, as well as the beauty of Pure Mathematics.

Students were able to ask questions via an online platform. The Year 12s and 13s also listened to Dr Frost, who offered some useful exam tips. It was incredibly interesting to listen about the impact of Mathematics on our lives. The talks provided great insight on both analytical and creative thinking. The girls enjoyed seeing Mathematics outside the classroom.

Mrs Jana Carpinato, Teacher of Mathematics

Mayfield Scouts' Christmas Trees

PE Department Update

Tonbridge Netball League
As Year 11s are currently busy sitting their mock examinations, the Year 12 and  13s eagerly stepped in to play in their place in the Tonbridge Netball League. The two matches were met with enthusiasm and some fantastic Netball was played.  

Despite the bitterly cold weather, the Year 12s braved the conditions and played Sevenoaks Club on 23rd November. They demonstrated that they are very versatile players, and were linking well and leading the whole way through the first three quarters. Unfortunately, they were pipped to the post in the last quarter when Sevenoaks Shooters found their stride and did not miss a shot. The result was a respectable 24-29. 

The Year 13s played Pembury Pink on 30th November in a closely fought match, and came out triumphant with a 24-22 win. Miss Auer said: “I have received a huge amount of positive feedback from both umpires and players at the League, regarding the attitude and ability of Mayfield girls. I am so proud of all the Year 11, 12 and 13 girls who have come and represented Mayfield Netball so well.”  

Mayfield Netball Specialists Out and About 
Mayfield's two Netball specialists, Miss Auer and Miss Jones, have had the pleasure of visiting three local prep schools to deliver Netball Master Classes to girls ranging from Years 3-8. The sessions included fundamental movement skills, fun reaction and coordination games, and looked at how to teach the core skills associated with Netball.  

They also delivered a twilight ‘staff inset session’ to boost the confidence and skills of non-Netball teachers delivering Netball to prep school pupils.  

Swimming Gala
We were excited to kick off the competitive swimming season last week with a gala against Burgess Hill. One of the things we are most proud of amongst our swimmers this year is the depth of each squad, and this was highlighted last Monday with over 30 girls swimming across the three age ranges. For some this was their first gala ever and for others their first gala since the changes brought about by Covid some time ago. The girls swam brilliantly and recorded wins in all three age groups, giving us the overall win as well. A pretty special way to start the season.

This week we travelled with a smaller but perfectly formed squad of Junior and Inter swimmers to Benenden to compete again. This time the Juniors came out on top with the Inters coming a very close second. A few performances stood out, especially Junior Captain Year 8 Maria, swimming her best backstroke to win her 50m race by half a length, and Year 7 Kitty showing the girls a powerful and elegant breaststroke start in her 25m race. Year 9 Mia was up against it with the same competitor in nearly every race; both girls were very strong swimmers and it was great to see Mia out-perform her in the Individual Medley - arguably the hardest race of the gala. 

Mrs Pippa Whitby, Housemistress of St Gabriel’s and Teacher of PE

Arts Hero for December

Dr Joanna Weddell, Head of History of Art

News from the Chaplaincy

You are invited to Adoration (Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament) every weekday during Advent. Adoration will take place in Chapel every A1, from 13:45 to 14:05. Everyone is welcome and you can stay as long as you want.

Thank you.

Gospel Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent
In this Sunday’s gospel, we are told that John the Baptist is preparing a way for the coming of Jesus Christ through proclaiming “a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins”.  

We find the word ‘repentance’ and its cognate ‘repent’ many times in the New Testament. In Matthew 4:17, Jesus tells us to “Repent: for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” And again, in Luke 5:32, we are told that Jesus has come not to call the righteous “but sinners to repentance”. When we hear the word repentance, what do we think of? Do we think of it as something positive or negative? Perhaps we think of saying sorry or feeling guilty?  

In each of these passages from the New Testament the crucial word which is translated in English as repentance is μετάνοια/metánoiaThere is much debate about how exactly to translate this Greek word. Some translators opt for ‘conversion’, since metanoia does not simply mean to be sorry but is rather a call to turn oneself and one’s life completely towards God.  

As St John the Baptist proclaims, we Christians receive “a baptism of metanoia” – we are born anew through the Holy Spirit at baptism. But this turning towards God does not just happen at baptism. On the contrary, each day of our lives we are called to metanoia – to turn towards God, to choose to do good and not to do harm. And to do this, we must also reflect on our past mistakes – a simple “sorry” might sometimes be enough but often we might need to say or do more to make amends.  

Each day as we turn towards God, we try to do better than the day before. We try to say kind words rather than cruel ones. We try to be generous rather than selfish. In doing so we draw closer to God through our thoughts, words, and actions. The words of Cornelia Connelly convey well this sense of metanoia: “Be yourself, but make that self all that God wants it to be.”  

Miss Kathleen McCulloch, St Dunstan’s Assistant Housemistress  

OC News: Lotus-Eating Days

Caroline Repton (Class of 1977) is publishing a memoir about her parents' lives before, during and after the Second World War, on 28th February 2022. Caroline has been working on the book since 2017, when her mother was living with her in London. Sadly, Caroline’s mother passed away in February 2020 in a care home in her birthplace, Singapore. Caroline’s sister, Angela, read extracts from the manuscript to her the month before she died, and Caroline promised her that she would try to get their story published as it is of historical relevance - next February will be the 80th anniversary of the Fall of Singapore, a key turning point in the book.

Caroline is planning to hold a book launch in Bridport, Dorset and/or London in March 2022 and if anyone would be interested in attending, they can email Caroline on carolinerepton1@gmail.com

Dr Marie-Sophie Reijers, OC Liaison

News from the School Shop

Do you want to earn House Points?
You can earn House points from the School Shop if you are buying re-fillable shampoo and conditioner. This is how it works:

-          Earn 3 points if you bring in your own re-fillable bottle (so this would be 6 points if you are refilling shampoo and conditioner)
-          Earn 3 points (for each purchase) if you buy our refillable shampoo and conditioner (potentially 6 points)
-          Earn 3 points if you just bring in an empty, clean shampoo or conditioner bottle. Please don’t put them in the bin when you have finished with them – bring them to the School Shop and we will give you 3 points for each bottle you bring. You don’t have to be buying anything from us.

Account Information for Parents/Guardians
Please note that the invoices you receive from the School Shop at the end of this term will run from 1st September to 30th November 2021. Any purchases made from the School Shop in December 2021 will appear on next term’s bill in April 2022.

Thank you.

Mrs Susan Bowles, School Shop Manager


Date Time  Event
04/12/21 All day Cecchetti Ballet Exams - Broad Oak Village Hall, Heathfield
04/12/21 18:00-20:30 Leeds House Christmas Party - Courtyard
05/12/21 17:00-18:00 Evening Mass - Chapel
06/12/21 08:20-08:55 Whole School Assembly
06/12/21 08:30-08:55 Inter-House Song Rehearsals
06/12/21 09:00-16:30 Year 12 Day of Recollection - Holy Cross Priory
06/12/21 13:40-14:30 Drama Scholars' Christmas Party - A1
06/12/21 16:45-18:00 Sports Scholars' Tea
06/12/21 17:00-19:00 Year13 Maths Event - setting out in problem solving - online
07/12/21 08:15-18:10 Year 12 Biology Trip to Emmanuel Centre, London
07/12/21 08:30-18:00 Year 11 Sixth Form Taster Day
07/12/21 19:00-20:00 Sixth Form online Chemistry Lecture
08/12/21 All day Year 11 Art Mock - Group 1
08/12/21 18:00-19:00 Chaplaincy Christmas Dinner - Courtyard
09/12/21 All day Year 11 Art Mock - Group 2
09/12/21 08:30-17:00 Year 12&13 Geography Trip to Stratford, London
09/12/21 17:00-18:00 End of Term Music Concert - Concert Hall
10/12/21 16:50-20:30 Year 11 Parents' Evening
10/12/21 18:30-22:00 Gabs Christmas Party - Courtyard


Car Park
A one-way system now operates in the Car Park.  To ensure that traffic flows freely and for safety, please do not wait for your daughter in the line of traffic but park in a space and wait for her there. Thank you.

If your daughter is going to be absent from lessons, please email absence@mayfieldgirls.org

Contacting Staff
If you need to contact a member of staff, please do so by email. If you do not have the member of staff’s email address, School emails follow this format: first initial and surname@mayfieldgirls.org  e.g abunce@mayfieldgirls.org
Please do not come into School unless by appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

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