Mayfield attends Model United Nations


Last weekend 16 girls - in Years 9, 10 and 11 - represented the UK and Eritrea at the Model United Nations conference at Magdalen College School in Oxford. There were over 300 pupils participating in total, representing 48 countries on 10 different committees.

The girls debated a wide range of issues including female genital mutilation, the question of genetic engineering in vector control, and establishing democracy in Eritrea. Erica in Year 11 was the Eritrean delegate in this last debate, which the MUN media described as, ‘a demonstration of the best MUN can be, with a wide range of ideas convincingly argued for in good faith, and naturally a huge amount of anarchy and fun along the way’, within which, ‘the position of the Eritrean delegate was genuinely one that gave reason for consideration’.  

In addition to their committee debates, delegates heard speeches from acclaimed historical novelist Helen Pike and women’s rights activist and Afghanistan’s first Schwarzman scholar, Sveto Muhammed Ishoq.

Congratulations to Mayfield's delegates who received commendations, namely Rosie and Iulia in Year 10, and Erica, Cosima and Sahana in Year 11.

Erica in Year 11 said: "I had an amazing time at MUN representing Eritrea, putting forward a resolution that led to a lively debate about the nation's sovereignty, including human rights issues. Over the two days I learnt how to put forward a point effectively and how to be ready to respond quickly."

Kasia Kilvington, Mayfield's Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, said "MUN really increases our girls' awareness of the world around them and of themselves. A case in point is Cosima in Year 11 who remarked to me that before MUN she had never heard of Eritrea but now having represented it, she seems to come across the country everywhere, noticing recent references to it in Geography and RS, in relation to the poverty index and treatment of Christians.

In terms of personal development, we have had a number of girls who never thought they would be capable of public speaking, not only attending conferences with hundreds of other students from a wide range of schools, but standing up and presenting their resolutions in front of their committees. It is great to see the buzz that the girls get out of it."

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