Our Ethos

The spirit of service is at the heart of the Mayfield ethos and encapsulated in the School motto 'Actions Not Words'. Pupils are encouraged to reach out and to give of themselves - their time, energy, enthusiasm, gifts and talents - in the service of others. 

Our Motto

Actions not Words 

Our Vision

Mayfield Girls: Ready to Meet the Needs of the Age

Our Mission Statement

To empower young women to realise their potential in a strong community rooted in the Catholic Faith, where everyone is welcomed and nurtured.

To foster an environment of trust in which each student is known individually, able to be herself, and encouraged to explore and develop her talents and interests.

To deliver a creative, innovative, and academically enriching curriculum which enables all students to grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

To provide students with a breadth and depth of opportunity both within and beyond the classroom.

Our Cornelian Values

Joy: We find joy in all we do
Compassion: We cultivate empathy
Integrity: We develop strong moral values
Generosity: We nurture a spirit of charitable giving and kindness for all
Gratitude: We are thankful
Respect: Through our actions we show that we value all
Courage: We have the confidence and resilience to make the right choices

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