The curriculum at Mayfield is rooted in the convictions of our founder, Cornelia Connelly. As such, the curriculum aims to provide breadth and depth of opportunity, it is wide and varied, and all subjects within it are granted equal value with the School. The teachers in each of our academic departments are passionate about their subject, and about inspiring girls to achieve their academic potential.

From the moment girls arrive at Mayfield, they experience a rich and stimulating education which aims to inspire and embed a deep love of learning. Our curriculum meets the individual needs of each girl. It is designed to challenge all pupils and to extend the most able, but it is also accessible to those with specific learning difficulties or for whom English is a second language.

In Years 7, 8 and 9, the curriculum is deliberately broad and enriching, acting as a vital foundation stone for the girls’ future learning. In addition to developing the core skills, new areas of learning are introduced and horizons widened.


Girls choose their GCSE subjects in the Spring Term of Year 9. During Years 10 and 11, most girls will study nine GCSE subjects. In order to ensure that every Mayfield girl is equipped with a good balance of skills and knowledge, certain subjects remain compulsory at GCSE level. These subjects constitute what is known as the ‘core curriculum’, and include English Literature and Language (or International English for girls for whom English is a second language), Mathematics, Science (a choice of two separate Sciences, or Trilogy – a combined science course worth two GCSEs), and Religious Studies.

In addition, girls can then choose three options from a substantial list of subjects including Art and Design, Biology, Ceramics, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Computer Science, Drama, Food and Nutrition, French, Geography, History, Latin, Music, Physical Education, Physics and Spanish.

Greek is offered as part of the extra curricular programme and girls in the Newton Maths group also have the option of taking Further Maths.

For full details of all the GCSE subjects available at Mayfield, please read the GCSE Option Choices Booklet.

Sixth Form

The guiding principles of the A Level course at Mayfield (Years 12 and 13) continue to be breadth and depth, and the School embraces the increased richness and diversity of academic exploration that A Levels offer. Most Mayfield girls start the Sixth Form studying three subjects of their choice, although a minority of students may study four A levels if their academic profile suggests that they will excel. Many students will also undertake an EPQ. 

The educational value of the Sixth Form experience at Mayfield is further enhanced by the Enrichment Programme, which has been created to provide a variety of alternative opportunities for the girls. It offers them many different ways to extend and develop their learning and skills, to get involved in discussion and debate, to pursue a particular interest, and to try something different or new to them. 

For full details of all the A Level subjects available at Mayfield please read the Sixth Form Option Choices Booklet.