Learning Support

The Learning Support Department is an integral part of the School.  By working closely with the girls, their parents and/or guardians, and the teachers, the Learning Support Department ensures that each girl’s individual educational needs are fully met.

Our team of specialist teachers and support staff are committed to empowering girls not only to fulfil their potential, but also to ensure they become confident, independent and successful learners for life. The students who receive learning support have varied needs, which may include difficulties with:

  • Literacy and Numeracy skills
  • Study skills
  • Examination techniques
  • Self-organisation

We have the expertise and experience to help girls with learning difficulties. We carry out regular screening assessments to identify girls who might be experiencing specific difficulties with their reading and writing. This allows us to set up appropriate support for these girls and their teachers without delay. Our Department also supports girls who might be under-achieving or need some extra support for a limited period of time for a variety of reasons. Access Arrangement Assessments are offered for those girls who could potentially qualify for access arrangements for their examinations.

Learning Support lessons are normally individual or paired lessons. During these lessons, our teachers help the girls analyse their difficulties, and develop effective strategies to become successful and independent learners. An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is written for each of these girls. These are shared with relevant members of staff and with parents and/or guardians.

The Department runs small group lessons which focus on areas such as Study Skills. We also offer training and support to teachers, and can work with some students within the classroom.

Every girl at Mayfield is seen as an individual with unique strengths and talents.  We believe every girl is capable of success and, by helping girls to develop a positive and motivated attitude towards their learning, all things are possible.