School Library

Mayfield has two well-stocked libraries - one in Lower School for Years 7 and 8, and a larger, more structured library in Main School for Years 9 to 13.

The Libraries have a combined stock of more than 15,000 print resources, daily newspapers, a wide range of periodicals, careers guides and university prospectuses, access to online subscription databases and more than 1400 e-Books which can be accessed via 'Accessit', the Library Management System.

The Libraries celebrate a range of book-themed activities throughout the year, including World Book Day, with both students and members of staff taking part.

Events vary from author visits to competitions and quizzes and involve whole school participation. Authors Julie Hearn, Sophia Bennett, Linda Newbery, Jenny McLachlan, Robin Stevens and Lauren St John have been recent visitors to the School. 

The Librarian supports the English department with the Champions Read scheme, which encourages pupils to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.  Pupils are rewarded with house-points and certificates.

The Carnegie Book Club is held weekly for girls in Middle School.

Girls may help as pupil librarians in both libraries and opportunities to help in the Library are also offered to girls who wish to complete the volunteering element of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Lower School Library

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 have an opportunity to read and research in a relaxed environment, with comfortable seating.

Girls will regularly visit the Library as part of their English lessons and are allowed to use the Library throughout the school day.  The Week Junior  is also available on a weekly basis.

Main School Library

This Library, with seating for 60 pupils, accommodates both class visits and individual supervised study throughout the school day. The Library offers these pupils an opportunity to read and research in a more formal, structured environment, using both print and online resources.  Wider reading is encouraged through the provision of varied and challenging book stock, daily newspapers and a variety of periodicals, together with a collection of careers material and university prospectuses.