Sixth Form

We want the Sixth Form years at Mayfield to be the pinnacle of our students’ school careers. The opportunity to specialise and delve deeper into academic subjects, coupled with the chance to broaden their life experience through a wide range of co- and extra-curricular activities make these two years very special indeed.

Greater independence is undoubtedly a feature of Sixth Form life at Mayfield.  In addition, there are many positions of responsibility and leadership opportunities available to the girls: from House and Sport captaincies to mentoring the younger girls, Subject Ambassadors, Peer Counsellors, Chaplaincy Reps, actors, musicians and lifeguards (to mention just a few of the opportunities available) – girls in the Sixth Form play a vital role in the life and leadership of our School, helping Mayfield maintain its special character, but also helping them to develop important skills for the next stage of their lives.

Greater academic autonomy is also nurtured through the provision of individual study spaces in the Sixth Form Centre for all students - boarders and day girls alike.  As the girls have chosen to extend their academic interests, students in the Mayfield Sixth Form are supported in developing self-motivated working habits and time management skills. We expect all the girls to demonstrate intellectual curiosity both within and beyond their examined curriculum. The extensive resources of the School Library are fully at their disposal, and there is wi-fi throughout the Sixth Form Centre. There are also a number of computers available in the Wolfson Room should girls need to undertake research or complete assignments. The girls’ capacity for rational argument and critical thought is sustained not only through excellent, small group teaching, but also through the Sixth Form Enrichment Programme, the wide range of extra-curricular options, and our programme of visiting speakers.

During the course of Year 12, Mayfield students receive personalised, detailed and up-to-date advice and guidance about their future options. Those considering further study are encouraged to make appropriately ambitious applications. Extensive specialist support is available for those aspiring to the most competitive courses and institutions, for example those applying to Oxford or Cambridge and/or Medicine, Engineering, Law, etc. Those interested in studying outside the UK (for example in North America or the European Union), receive appropriate advice and mentoring. Students undertake a work shadowing day at the beginning of July in Year 12 and are encouraged to pursue other work experience opportunities in their holidays. Throughout the year we invite professionals from a wide range of career areas to visit the School and share with the girls their knowledge and experience of particular aspects of the world of work. All students also have access to Unifrog, an online Higher Education and Careers guidance service which brings together, curates and synthesises the sometimes baffling range of information available on the internet, giving students a structured and user-friendly platform in which to explore their next steps after Sixth Form.

The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for the pastoral care of our students: every Mayfield Sixth Form student belongs to a small tutor group, and each week there are opportunities for students to interact with their tutor and other members of the group in a number of ways, from reviewing academic progress to discussing current issues, both local and global. All our Sixth Formers attend a Liturgy each week as part of their engagement with the spirituality and ethos of the School.

All Mayfield girls are promising individuals with exciting potential and our Sixth Form provides strong academic support while encouraging each girl to become actively involved in many aspects of school life, helping them to develop into confident, happy young people. Many of the friendships made here will last a lifetime, and the confidence that comes from the safe and nurturing, but also challenging, environment that we provide means our students go into the world with the strength, vision and compassion necessary to find fulfilment.

Head of Sixth Form

Mr John Doy

Mr John Doy, who is Head of Sixth Form, as well as being a Teacher of English and Media Studies. He has an English degree from Oxford University and a PGCE from King’s College London. Mr Doy previously worked as Head of English and Director of Academic Performance at Seaford College.