It is important to include a creative discipline in a rounded educational programme and Ceramics offers an excellent opportunity for the expression of creative ideas, and the development of the necessary skills and techniques required for their realisation.

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Ceramics encourages flexibility of thought response and engenders the development of analytical and aesthetic judgement.  It allows for personal expression, teaches self-discipline, and provides an opportunity for a healthy alignment between intellectual and feeling processes, encouraging the development of personal value, confidence and self-esteem. Within its base, in both the creative and technological areas, Ceramics can appeal to artistic pupils and also to those more scientifically orientated.

The study of Ceramics encourages historical appreciation, and an awareness of culture and belief in successive civilisations.  This widens cultural horizons and enriches an individual’s personal resources when responding to change within both themselves and the outside world.

At Mayfield we strive to ensure that all those who study the subject achieve their potential in a relaxed yet industrious atmosphere. We feel it is very important to provide a non-competitive environment where pupils can thrive and be creative, each according to their own abilities. 

Our superbly equipped Pottery Studio, said to be among the best in Europe, has extensive facilities for research, experimentation and practical work, enabling students to achieve outstanding examination results.

Our Artist in Residence studio provides a place of work for an emerging artist from university or an apprenticeship. This provides an environment for the artist to develop their own work while inspiring and teaching girls and adults from the School, and from the local community.

Visits to various museums and galleries enrich the girls’ experience.  Each year, the Department invites a ceramics artist of national or international standing to our annual Potter’s Day which comprises lectures, slide shows and a practical demonstration.

Students progress onto a variety of courses at a range of universities as Ceramics supports many degree courses. In addition to a multitude of Art Foundation courses, Engineering and Architecture are among the degree courses that recent Mayfield alumni have joined.

Head of Department

Mr Tim Rees-Moorlah

Tim Rees-Moorlah is Mayfield’s Head of Ceramics. He previously worked at City of London Freemens school as Head of Art and prior to this he was Deputy head of Senior Boys Boarding at Caterham school in addition to teaching Art and Design as a ceramics specialist. He began his teaching career at the Holt school in Wokingham where he was Head of Year 11 and a teacher of Art and design. Prior to his teaching career he worked at Winchcombe Pottery with the renowned potter Ray Finch, and at Dartington Pottery.