Computer Science

In an era where technology intertwines with every aspect of our lives, our Computer Science curriculum equips our students to meet the needs of the age. At Mayfield School, we recognize the paramount importance of not only understanding technology but mastering its creation and contemplating its societal impact. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to intertwine with the ever-evolving digital landscape, offering students an in-depth insight into how technology is shaping our world.

Our curriculum revolves around the belief that technology is an empowering tool. This philosophy steers our lessons towards a holistic approach that transcends traditional technical skills. Students delve into the realms of coding, data privacy, cybersecurity, computer systems and artificial intelligence, gaining a comprehensive understanding of these pivotal areas. The curriculum is more than just about learning to code; it’s about creating responsible digital citizens who comprehend the ethical and societal implications of technology.

Our approach is hands-on and minds-on. Students engage in compelling projects, such as building and programming robots, employing machine learning, and tackling real-world challenges. These practical applications of computer science principles, from robotics to artificial intelligence, are not only academically stimulating but also incredibly fun and rewarding.

Participation in competitions like Pi Wars, the British Informatics Olympiad, CyberFirst for girls, and Lockheed Martin Code Quest is a testament to our commitment to excellence. These platforms provide our students with invaluable opportunities to showcase their skills, collaborate, and compete at a national level, further enhancing their learning experience.

Head of Department

Mr Stevie Partington

Mr Stevie Partington is the Director of IT at Mayfield School. Educated at the University of Sheffield, Stevie studied for a BMus degree where he crafted Sonic Art and software tools for sound editing through computer code. Practical applications of Computer Science have always been a passion which are evident through his work in theatrical and entertainment lighting and video production as well as more out-of-this-world hobbies such as high-altitude ballooning. In his spare time, Stevie enjoys mountain walking and biking with his wife and labrador.