Innovate is a new Year 9 curriculum lesson where the girls have an opportunity to get hands-on with technology. The focus is on how it can solve real problems and improve our lives.

This term, the girls have been working on a driverless-car themed project where they have been developing their coding skills to operate robotic buggies. They have explored how to manoeuvre the robots and coded their own remote controls using micro:bit computers. They will be going on to make use of the buggies’ line-following and ultrasonic sensors so that they can operate autonomously, following tracks and avoiding obstacles (much like a real driverless car would).

The girls will then embark on an electronics-based project where they will use sensors, circuits and coding to design and create their own prototype devices that can be used to help protect the environment. They will also begin learning how to use CAD (Computer Aided Design), to design 3D models of devices that can assist people with disabilities. Once designed, the girls will learn about 3D printing and print out real prototypes of their devices.

As well as learning about these different technologies, the project also aims to improve skills of teamwork, resilience and problem-solving. All of these toipcs are completed in teams and the girls are encouraged to communicate effectively and work together to solve challenges. The girls are deliberately given very little help in lessons to encourage them to problem-solve and to keep seeking solutions when they get stuck.

(Mayfield Association for Digital Innovation and Awareness)

This new society, led by the Digital Innovation Prefect, seeks to engage with the exciting and fast-paced world of technology, innovation, and the digital world. It explores how digital awareness can be increased throughout the School, and how the use of technology in our day-to-day routines can be advanced.


STEM Club provides an opportunity to go beyond the curriculum, to enhance knowledge and understanding through research and building, whether gliders or cloud chambers. There is also an opportunity to pursue areas of personal interest.

Head of Department

Mr David Warren

After reading history at the University of Warwick, Mr Warren taught History in an international school in Malaysia, before returning to the UK to complete his PGCE teaching qualification. After teaching across the age range at Tolworth Girls’ School, he joined Mayfield School in 2014 as Head of Department. He specialises in Modern European History and particularly enjoys Russian and German History. Outside the Department, Mr Warren helps to run the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, and is also responsible for creating and delivering the Year 9 Innovate programme which focuses on engaging our girls with the exciting world of technology, and preparing them for the world of work.