Physics is the basis of much of our modern, technological world.
We want the girls to understand how the world works, and discover the laws and principles that govern the universe, from sub-atomic particles to entire galaxies.

We give the girls an appreciation of our world, its place in the universe, and the principles behind many of the appliances used in the home and at work.

Physics is a highly rewarding discipline and pupils develop a wide variety of skills and aptitudes, developing a logical and numerate mind, the ability to solve problems and the ability to work flexibly and as part of a team. 

Physics at A Level not only gives the girls a firm grounding in many of the key concepts in the subject, but also encourages them to think logically and present highly reasoned arguments through mathematics. However, my favourite thing about the course is that it gives a great platform to launch many specialised careers. We discuss superconductivity, astrophysics, absolute zero and quantum mechanics; these are all in themselves incredibly interesting topics that may inspire the next experts in those fields.  

A Level students also participate in the British Physics Olympiad organised by the University of Oxford and go on to study a plethora of subjects including Engineering, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Astronomy, Materials Science, Geology, Architecture, Acoustics.

In 2020/21 Monami achieved a Top Gold award at the British Physics Olympiad and went on to study Engineering at Cambridge, whilst in 2021/22 Victoria B was awarded the Top Gold award, Valeria B a Gold award and Victoria D a Bronze award.


Scholarship award for Mayfield Engineers

Sixth Form students Christina and Elizabeth have both been awarded prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarships for their innovative design projects aimed at making a real difference to all our lives.

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Head of Department

Mr Adam Smith