Value Added

On average, girls who have been at Mayfield since Year 7, achieve at least half a grade higher at GCSE than they would elsewhere *

We take enormous pride in our ability to bring out the best in each girl, and in 2019 when exams were last officially taken, we were in the top 25% of all participating schools in the country when it came to providing a ‘value-added’ education at GCSE and in the top 16% of schools at A level.  The School’s ability to meet the needs of the most able students can be demonstrated in a number of ways. For example, we have an excellent record of supporting students on scholarships – who by their very nature have excellent underlying ability – to achieve very high A Level results and places at the best universities.

However, no less significant is the School’s record in supporting girls of more modest ability in performing well above expectations in public examinations, based on their underlying academic ability alone. This differential between a student’s expected grades and the grades she actually obtains is commonly referred to as ‘value added’. Mayfield constantly reviews its value-added performance using Alis and MidYis data provided by CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring). 

*Durham University Centre for Educational Management data