Online Learning

During the COVID lockdowns in summer 2019 and spring 2020, students and staff at Mayfield School did a fantastic job of embracing new technology. With pupils logging into each class in line with the normal timetable for face-to-face lessons with their individual subject teachers, chatting to each other, and completing work tasks online, life in the Mayfield community continued ‘almost’ as normal for the girls.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and this led to some popular new academic and co-curricular activities. ‘Cooking with Ms Theobald’ became a regular feature, vying with ‘Saturday Kitchen’ for the girls’ attention, whilst the PE department certainly gave Joe Wicks a run for his money. Meanwhile, online collaboration tools allowed the girls to complete project work and they showed considerable prowess in filming, recording and photographing their work, which allowed the creative subjects such as Drama, Music and Creative Arts to continue to flourish during this difficult period.

Feedback from parents was very positive and they welcomed the stability provided to their daughters by the familiar structure of the school day, as girls remained productive, and just as importantly, maintained close contact with their teachers and friends, wherever they were in the world. At Mayfield we endeavour to live by our motto of ‘Actions Not Words’ in all areas of school life and with this in mind our girls also took part in 'Lockdown Listening' in order to reach out to the lonely and more isolated members of our community.

Looking ahead, whilst the threat of whole school lockdowns has now receded, the technology embraced by Mayfield during the pandemic enables blended learning to be seamlessly introduced in the event of girls, or staff, needing to self-isolate in future.

Annabel Bunce, Director of Studies
Mayfield School Annabel Bunce