Entry and assessment

Mayfield School treats every candidate as an individual. This means that we take into account a diverse body of information when assessing a candidate. We want to be sure that Mayfield is the right choice for your daughter and that she will be happy and successful here.

Having received our prospectus, hopefully visited, and/or attended an event, the next step will be for you to register your daughter. This places her on our provisional list for entry to Mayfield in the appropriate year. Please note registration does not constitute an offer of a place at this stage. Please follow the link below to register.

Register online

Our main points of entry are 11+, 13+ or 16+.  However we do have a small number of places for girls wishing to join us at 12+ and 14+.  Please feel free to contact Shirley Coppard, Registrar at registrar@mayfieldgirls.org or +44 (0)1435 874642 to discuss this as we would be delighted to help.

For more detailed information on the Entrance Assessments held for 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry in November every year please follow the appropriate link below.

For 11+ (Year 7) entry click here

For 13+ (Year 9) entry click here

For 16+ (Year 12) entry click here

For candidates who have missed the Autumn Assessments places may still be available.  Please contact our Registrar, Shirley Coppard, at registrar@mayfieldgirls.org or +44 (0)1435 874642 to discuss this further. Parents should not be discouraged from applying at any stage

Mid-Year Transfers
We welcome applications from candidates wishing to enter at any point in the academic year.  Parents will be required to register their daughter, after which she will sit Mayfield’s own tests. Please note that the Headteacher of your daughter’s current school must be aware of the application. They will be asked to provide school reports and a confidential reference.  Please feel free to contact Shirley Coppard, Registrar at registrar@mayfieldgirls.org or +44 (0)1435 874642 to discuss this further. We would be delighted to help.

International Applications
Candidates from outside the United Kingdom are very welcome to apply for a place, whether foreign nationals or British expatriates.  Our international community is vibrant and diverse and includes pupils from Western, Central and Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. We advise those for whom English is a second language to apply as early as possible as boarding places are much in demand.  Please note that we do not accept applications for places lasting less than one academic year.

International Admissions

Offer of a Place
Once an offer of a place has been made you are required to complete and return the acceptance form, together with a deposit.  £1000 for UK residents and a term’s school fees for non-UK based parents.  This will be refunded at the end of your daughter’s time at Mayfield (please see Terms & Conditions).