Day Fees 


- Years 7 - 8 (per term) £8,635
- Years 9 - 13 (per term) £9,750
Full Boarding Fees  

- Years 7 - 13 (per term)


Flexi-boarding Fees  

-1 evening per week (per term)


-2 evenings per week (per term) £2,010
-3 evenings per week (per term) £2,865

Occasional boarding (per night)


Occasional Evening Care (per evening, after 6.00 pm including supper)


International English Fees  

International English - Years 7 - 11 (per term)


Sixth Form International English for University 
(A two year programme payable in three instalments of £1620, charged in Year 12) 

Parents wishing to make a lump sum fee payment in advance may wish to consider our fees in advance scheme. Please contact fees@mayfieldgirls.org for further details.

Fees Include:

Day Fees:

  • Tuition and the option of Supervised Study
  • Break, lunch and tea (snack)
  • Loan of most text books
  • All necessary stationery
  • Days of Recollection
  • Careers and higher education advice
  • Tutorials provided by subject teachers
  • Daytime nursing care.

Boarding fees:

 As per day fees above plus:

  • All meals and accommodation (except School holidays)
  • General nursing care
  • Laundry allowance to cover weekly cleaning of uniform and bedding, and a reasonable amount of leisure wear
  • Storage of possessions during holidays
  • Access to recreational facilities.

Fees do not include:

  • Uniform and sports equipment 
  • School excursions, trips and weekend events
  • Holidays
  • Books required on permanent issue (e.g. revision guides)
  • External examination fees
  • Materials for Art and Ceramics (Years 10-13 only)
  • Materials for Food and Nutrition (Years 10-13 only)
  • Extra-curricular activities, e.g. ballet, tennis etc, taken by external coaches, language lessons, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Cookery Club ingredients
  • Hire of musical instruments
  • Excess laundry above the allowance for uniform and bedding (allowance £165 per annum)
  • Textiles Materials
  • Counselling
  • Taxi and bus travel
  • Incidentals (e.g. travel to medical appointments, birthday cakes, sheet music).

Please note that the cost for all extra-curricular activities may vary depending on the number of students wishing to participate in each activity.