Day Fees (per term)


Full Boarding Fees (per term)


Flexi-boarding (per night, up to 3 nights a week)  
  • 1 evening per week (per term);
  • 2 evenings per week (per term); or
  • 3 evenings per week (per term)

Occasional boarding (per night)


Occasional Evening Care (per evening, after 6.00 pm including supper)


International English / ESOL Year 7 - 11 (per term)


Sixth Form International English for University (Two year programme: cost £3,990 payable in three instalments charged in year 12)  £1,330
Visa Administration Fee: Single payment    £350

Learning support (per lesson)


Music Lessons / Speech and Drama Tuition (per term, 30 lessons per year)  
  • Individual
  • Shared

The amount of fees due will be as notified in an invoice submitted by the School Bursar prior to the beginning of the term.  Fees may be increased by the School at such time as the Governors think fit but in normal circumstances one full term’s notice of variation will be given.

Fees must be paid by the first day of each term for which they are due or by direct debit, and these are payable notwithstanding that the pupil is unable to attend School through illness or injury.

Fees do not include:

  • uniform or sports equipment

  • School excursions, trips or week end events

  • books required permanently

  • Stationery items

  • external examination fees

  • materials for Art & Ceramics (Years 10 – 13 only)

  • material for Food & Nutrition (Years 10 – 13 only)

  • materials for textiles

  • transport & taxi journeys

  • extra-curricular activities e.g. ballet, tennis etc taken by an external coach

  • excess laundry above the allowance

  • counselling

  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

The cost of extras will be added to termly invoices and must be paid no later than the beginning of the term following that in which the extras were consumed or used, or by direct debit.


If fees have not been settled by the beginning of term the School reserves the right to suspend the student from attending the School.  Additionally the School reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts, calculated daily, at a rate agreed annually by Governors and notified to parents in the annual fees letter that is circulated in the Spring Term.  This rate is currently 12% pa.

The School reserves the right to charge reasonable administrative costs and any costs and disbursements charged by solicitors in connection with the collection of any late paid School fees.

Parents are reminded that the School requires that a full term’s notice (two terms for Year 11) is given in writing to the Headmistress for changes to any arrangements at Headmistress@mayfieldgirls.org. This includes boarding and chargeable extra-curricular activities. 


Mayfield Scholarships are awarded in open competition to recognise achievement and outstanding potential in academic and/or other specific areas of school life.  They also allow the School to clearly identify those pupils who, because of their particular talents, should be extended and stretched to achieve their full potential.  For more information please click here.

Fees paid in advance
A 1.25% discount is given where fees are paid one year in advance by 1 September.  For fees paid in advance for a longer period, please contact the bursar to discuss further discounts.

Bursary awards provide means-tested support for a Mayfield education to girls who can benefit clearly and substantially from the particular education offered by Mayfield School.  Please click here for more details.

Sibling Discount
A discount of 10% is provided for the second daughter and subsequent daughters whilst an older sister remains at School.

Forces Discount
A discount is available for the daughters of Forces personnel.