Scholarships and Bursaries

Our daughter has settled so well thanks to the friendly and welcoming ambiance….. as a scholar she is thoroughly enjoying the information talks and benefits of mixing with the older scholars for support and inspiration.  

Parent Survey 2023



Scholarship Awards 

Mayfield scholarships are awarded in open competition in recognition of outstanding potential in academic or other areas of School life.  They allow the School to clearly identify those pupils who, because of their particular talents, should be extended and stretched to achieve their full potential. 

Mayfield Scholarships carry with them financial awards, generally representing a reduction in school fees or complimentary tuition, which Scholars will carry with them for the duration of their time at the School, subject to satisfactory performance. 

The following scholarships are available:   

Academic Scholarships

Awarded to pupils who display outstanding academic ability and potential, including beyond the curriculum. 

Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Sports scholarships

Awarded to pupils who display outstanding talent and potential in Creative Arts, Drama, Dance, Music, Sport and Riding. 

The following scholarships are available: 

All candidates sitting the Entrance Assessments are eligible to apply. The Scholarship Assessments will take place on the following dates:

  • 16+ Creative Arts, Performing Arts, and Sport Scholarship Assessments - 9th November 2024.
  • 11+ and 13+ Creative Arts, Performing Arts, and Sport Scholarship Assessments - 11th January 2025.

Jubilee scholarship

Awarded to a practising Catholic pupil from a primary school in the Arundel and Brighton Diocese who demonstrates academic potential. 

If you wish to apply for a scholarship please contact our Registrar, Shirley Coppard, at 

Bursary Assistance 

The governors of Mayfield School are committed to broadening access to our girls boarding school by offering eligible parents or guardians means-tested financial support with the payment of school fees. Mayfield’s bursary programme is designed to enable talented pupils to benefit from a Mayfield education, where financial considerations would otherwise have not made this possible. To ensure the speedy and rigorous processing of bursary applications, the School uses a third party, Bursary Administration Limited, to analyse the financial position of families applying for a bursary.

If you wish to pursue a bursary application, the School will pass your names and contact details to Bursary Administration Limited. They will send out application forms to complete and return, contact you to arrange to visit you in your home(s) to discuss your application and then complete a report for the School. Please note: both parents must sign the Examination Entry Form to give permission for their details to be shared with Bursary Administration Limited.  

The Governors of the School will decide whether to award a bursary and the level of award, not Bursary Administration Limited, which is engaged by the School simply to establish your financial position. Their report will be considered by Governors, together with other applications, and you will be notified of the Governors’ decision in any offer letter sent by the School following the Entrance Assessments. 

Further details are available from the Registrar, Shirley Coppard,