As a first time boarder, Mayfield really made the transition smooth. The days are well planned out and I enjoy the activities they have to offer. I’ve made some lovely friends and I feel like I fit in. I really like that everyone’s friends with each other here and that’s what made the difference.

Sophia, Year 9 Boarder

Whether full or flexi, our all girl boarding school is integral to the educational opportunity that the School provides.

House life is rooted in the values of the School - care and respect for one another, charity and forgiveness. The heart of each House lies in the joy and delight the girls derive from each other’s company.  Friendships are formed here which last long after our girls have left Mayfield. The fullness of the boarding experience fosters their development into caring, communicative and engaged young women who, at every turn, enrich the world they enter.

We have four Houses:

Grouping girls in this way allows us to focus on the particular social and academic considerations specific to the age group in the House. At the same time, girls develop independence and a sense of personal responsibility in a graduated manner, and to an appropriate degree.

In all four Boarding Houses our girls enjoy a stimulating environment.  The pleasures of home are interwoven with a work and activity schedule that is designed to encourage them to educate themselves in the fullest sense of the word.

Each House is overseen by a Housemistress who also works as part of the teaching staff - providing a vital link between the pastoral and academic sides of school life. Our Housemistresses develop a singular insight into the girls in their care. They are in frequent contact with the girls throughout the day - at mealtimes, during study and finally, in the bedtime routine, and are always available to share the girls’ concerns and offer advice. Housemistresses are supported by a boarding team which consists of an Assistant Housemistress, two Resident Tutors, and a Graduate Assistant.


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