St Dunstan's House

St Dunstan's Boarding House Mayfield School

St Dunstan’s Boarding House is an oasis of happiness and relaxation for Year 12 and 13 boarders amid their busy lives at School.  We are a Senior Sixth Form Boarding House for 70 girls, who benefit from bedrooms with spectacular views over the Sussex Weald. The girls can also cook and eat in the five kitchens available to them in the House. St Dunstan’s is located above Becket Hall in the main school building - a central position which  enjoys easy access to classrooms, the Textiles Department, the Chaplaincy, the Dance Studio, Digital Literacy and Technology facilities and the Dining Hall. Our enthusiastic House staff and Prefect team make St Dunstan’s House ‘a real home away from home’ for the girls.

In St Dunstan’s we prepare students to lead independent and fulfilling lives, and to act with integrity and initiative. The aim is to encourage students to work together to foster an environment in which each individual is confident of being valued and respected. Students are encouraged to take on levels of responsibility. They are supported as they develop their leadership skills, and as a result are able to achieve their potential.

Mrs Josefina Ruival (Housemistress), Miss Jessica Tompsett (Assistant Housemistress), and our Graduate Assistant, run the House with assistance from two Resident Tutors, who are in the House two evenings a week and some weekends. The girls have access to at least one member of staff sleeping in the House during the night if they are unwell. 

During the week, our boarders benefit from following a routine which allows considerable opportunities and freedom before and after School to pursue their own interests. These may include an early morning run or session in the Fitness Room, after school music practice, Yoga, Zumba or Ultimate Frisbee.  The evenings include a routine of registration, prayers and study.  Students receive help from Boarding staff with study and university applications, as well as substantial pastoral support. In the evenings, students and House staff come together in the Common Room for conversation, refreshments and snacks before retiring to bed.

The weekend provides opportunities for students to make use of School facilities such as the Ceramics and Art Departments, Library, and the Music Department, to help with their A Level studies. In addition, the girls can cook independently, making cakes and preparing dinner for their peers if they wish. Most planned activities are optional and students can decide whether to visit friends or go out for the day. Sundays mornings revolve around Mass followed by a formal Sunday roast lunch. Most girls choose to study on Sunday afternoons, socialising with their friends and walking into the village. They also enjoy baking for their tutor groups, birthdays, and for charity days.  

St Dunstan’s boarders integrate fully with and lead many whole School initiatives. They are passionate about global and environmental issues. They lead MESSy, CHAPS, MUN and regularly participate in debating events. St Dunstan’s boarders organise Competitive House events for the whole School and participate in many sports teams, drama and dance productions, as well as running Live Crib every year.

"St Dunstan’s Boarding House is an oasis of happiness and relaxation for Year 12 and 13 boarders amid their busy lives at School."