Dance is a key part of Physical Education at Mayfield and all girls study Dance at Key Stage 3. Within the curriculum, Dance concentrates on achieving strong basic technical skills. The foundation of all Dance is ballet; each dance lesson has an element of classical movement, developing strength, balance and an understanding of how to use one’s body effectively.
Throughout the Dance programme pupils study a variety of Jazz Dance techniques from mainstream Modern Jazz to the isolation technique of Matt Mattox. The study of Contemporary Dance technique complements both Classical and Jazz movement.
At Key Stage 4 and 5 Dance is a popular option programme and classes are available in Dance technique, pilates and exercise to music. There is strong focus on supporting pupils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Extra-curricular lessons are held several times a week; pupils continue to study and achieve strong technical skills, allowing them the opportunity to create their own choreography and exploration of movement. Extra-curricular lessons offer all pupils the opportunity to take part in the annual Dance Show, an invaluable experience to perform choreography and pieces learnt throughout the year.
Pupils are also given the opportunity to represent the School at local Dance Festivals and Liturgies, allowing them the opportunity to excel and present choreography within a performance space.