Horses and ponies can be stabled at Mayfield in our purpose built yard and are looked after by our dedicated and experienced staff.

Charges include the following:

  • Mucking Out
  • Feeding- hay and straw are included in the stabling fees. Supplements / specialist feed is extra (for further information and indicative pricing please speak to our Director of Riding)
  • Grooming, tacking up/un-tacking, and washing off after exercise
  • Turning out and catching in
  • Picking out feet
  •  Daily cleaning of bridle and cleaning of saddles once a week (horses are expected to return to School from external events with clean kit and you will be billed extra for this service if they do not). We encourage riders to clean their own tack at weekends
  • Late night check
  • One Group flatwork or jumping session plus one supervised schooling session or hack. All other lessons are chargeable separately.

There are additional charges for the following:

  • Haylage
  • Shavings
  • Clippings
  • Worming
  • Farrier and Physiotherapy
  • Supplements and Veterinary Care Products as required
  • Specialist Bedding (SHAVINGS, PAPER ETC)
  • Transportation
  • Show Preparation
  • Individual Competition entries at going cost on the day
  • Lunging
  • Specialist schooling with an elite rider
  • Clinics with external trainers

Bespoke packages are also available to accommodate individual horses. For more information on these and whether they would be suitable.

Stabling during the Holidays
Horses can be booked in either as full boarders where they stay with us all year with the exception of the Summer Holiday (although this can be accommodated as required) or as part boarders where they go home during all holidays.

Extra Riding and Schooling Sessions
We understand that girls and horses will sometimes need additional riding and / or schooling sessions. We require permission in writing from parents where extras are requested by girls.

Full Lease Scheme
This Scheme is for those who do not own a horse and who would like to have the opportunity to develop their equestrian competition riding and stable management skills by having exclusive access to a horse or pony that is kept as if it was their own, under the supervision of the Mayfield Equestrian staff. Girls are able to take part in riding activities and inter-house competitions alongside girls who have their own horses, and can also try out for the Mayfield Equestrian Squad. If they are successful in gaining a place, they will need to affiliate to the Mayfield Equestrian Squad.

In order to be eligible for a horse or pony loan, riders must be experienced and able to canter and jump a small fence independently. Students must complete an application form and provide video footage of them riding so we can source a suitable horse or pony. A video of your daughter riding and jumping (optional) of approximately five minutes should be sent via You Tube – please send the link to and copy in

Horses are available on a full lease basis, subject to availability. The cost of the lease includes the stabling (keep) for the horse or pony and two lessons or supervised training sessions per week (term time).

Horse or Pony Half Loan Scheme
This Scheme is the same as the above Full Lease Scheme but involves loaning a share in a horse or pony and consequently sharing the cost of their upkeep. Horses are available as a half loan, subject to availability. The cost of the loan includes the stabling (keep) for the horse or pony and two lessons or supervised training sessions per week (term time).