Pastoral Life

Mayfield is a school built on the principles of trust, respect and love for each member of the community.

We nurture and celebrate each individual, but also engender in our girls an awareness and appreciation of the needs and gifts of others. Good interaction between staff and pupils results from supportive relationships, and we are justly proud of our pastoral care.

For each girl, their Tutor, whom they see each day, is the main port of call for pastoral care, and additionally for boarders, their Housemistress and the team that support them in the Boarding Houses are always on hand.  The Heads of Lower School, Middle School and the Sixth Form lead the Heads of Year and Tutor teams in ensuring that they know and support the girls very well.  We benefit enormously from having a Lay Chaplain who is available for the girls to see at any time, and as well as having a Health & Wellbeing Centre staffed by three registered nurses, who provide another important listening ear. There are also a team of counsellors available to the girls when professional support is required. At Mayfield, all staff take their pastoral responsibilities very seriously and girls are encouraged to talk to any staff member that they feel could help them.

We believe our role is to help students find their passion and provide them with the opportunity to try lots of things, especially when they first start. In our experience, when they find things they are passionate about and enjoy, they will be happy. And if they are happy they will do well at school. But should they have a problem or are facing a challenge, we want them to share that with whoever they are most comfortable to do so. As a school of just over 400 pupils we also find peer-to-peer mentoring and support is highly effective. For example, we have 10 Sixth Form Mental Health Ambassadors who help support girls from across all the year groups.  They are available to talk to on a daily basis in our specially designed space – The Snug – away from the hustle and bustle of the main School.