Spiritual Life

May all possess that peace
which is God's own gift.

Cornelia Connelly

Our Catholic ethos is at the heart of all we do here at Mayfield. As a diverse and welcoming community, we aim to support every member of the Mayfield community in their journey to become ‘all that God wants them to be.’ 

Immersed in the charism of Blessed Cornelia Connelly, and the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, we form girls ready to respond to the needs of their age, while endeavouring to constantly provide opportunities for encounter with God throughout the school day. We strive to engage students with the spiritual aspects of themselves, so that they are spiritually aware and able to make their own choices and form their own beliefs.

Proudly Catholic, we embrace the ‘catholic’, or ‘universal’ element of our school, where girls are welcomed, supported and included, regardless of their faith background or journey. Absolute mutual respect is expected among staff and students. Our charism, our universality and our welcome all combine to make Mayfield a safe and nurturing environment for every young woman who joins our special family.

Spirituality runs through everything we do here at Mayfield. Every school day begins with prayer- whether that is reciting the school prayer together at the beginning of assembly, using the weekly prayer slides, or school prayer book during tutor time, or even something as simple as pausing for a few moments of quiet reflection at the beginning of Like Skills.

The Chaplaincy

Let us love one another and pray.
Let us love one another and be faithful.
Let us love one another and be humble.
Let us love one another and be filled with the charity of God.
Let us love one another with God, in God and for God, and we shall thus be one with him for all eternity.

Cornelia Connelly

The Chaplaincy sits at the heart of spiritual life at Mayfield. It exists to provide relevant spiritual and pastoral support to all girls and staff in the school community. While remaining true to the Catholic identity of the school, and drawing heavily from the example of Blessed Cornelia Connelly, our Foundress, the Chaplaincy is committed to offering an experience which will take into account the lived experience and faith needs of all the members of the Mayfield community, students and staff alike, whether they are those:

•          who are regularly practicing Catholics;
•          for whom Mayfield might be their first and only experience of Church;
•          from other Christian denominations;
•          from other faith backgrounds, or none.

The Chaplaincy strives to engage students with the spiritual aspects of themselves, no matter what their experience of faith or Church, so that they are spiritually aware and able to make their own choices and form their own beliefs.

The Chaplaincy serves a number of functions:

•          To offer pastoral support to girls, staff and the wider school community;
•          To provide opportunities for prayer, worship and the Sacraments, especially the celebration of Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation to girls, staff
and parents;
•          To ensure a planned series of opportunities and events to strengthen spiritual and personal development;
•          To facilitate the whole School involvement in community service and charity fundraising.

The Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team comprises the Lay Chaplain, Deputy Head Pastoral, Head of Religious Studies, and Chaplaincy Prefect. It also includes Chaplaincy Ambassadors, taken from each year group in the school, whose role is to promote Chaplaincy activities and faith opportunities in the school, while representing the students’ views to the Chaplain.

The team is supported by several members of staff - the Chaplaincy Support Group - who meet once per half-term to advise the Chaplaincy Team, and feedback on issues or concerns.