Events and Reunions

The Old Cornelians run a busy calendar of events and reunions throughout the year. Please check here for upcoming events and for a selection of reports and photos from recent events.

Class of 1988 Reunion, July 7th 2018

In July a reunion was held for the Class of 1988, and over 50 members of the year group returned to the Old Palace, from various locations in the UK and abroad.  The reunion took place the day after the end of summer term and their energy and adrenalin was infectious and invigorated all involved in the day.  Again, our incredible Catering department served an impressive spread, with a cheese board so appealing it caused quite a delay in OCs touring school! To hear the corridors, classrooms and dormitories filled with the laughter and chatter of the grown women who once occupied them as girls was a very special way to end the term and the day ended with a Mass for the year group, to celebrate their friendships, their time at Mayfield and to remember those in their year who could not be with us.  A very moving occasion, and we were so delighted to be able to welcome them all back.

Memory lane has been a well-trodden path this year – celebrating the enduring friendships, which are such a strength of a Mayfield education. 

Class of 1998 Reunion, October 7th 2018

Celebrating their 20-year reunion, nearly 30 OCs from the Class of 1998 returned to Mayfield in October for a delicious lunch in the Courtyard, followed by tours of the school and tea. It was, as always, lovely to welcome back a year group to Mayfield, and to enjoy the laughter and friendship at large. 

Class of 1983 Reunion, May 20th 2018

Nearly 70 Old Cornelians from the Class of 1983 returned to Mayfield on the 20th May for an incredibly happy celebration of their 35th reunion.  The sun appeared just in time for Pimms on the lawn after Mass, followed by a delicious lunch, photographs and trips down memory lane.  The day was filled with laughter and friendship and will live long in our memories as a particularly special occasion.

Schola Reunion 17th March, 2018

We are absolutely delighted to have held our first Schola reunion at Mayfield, on March 17th, in order to celebrate the rich musical heritage of the School.  Response to this from Old Cornelians was unprecedented, with hundreds of representatives from the last 7 decades attending, some flying from across the globe to be a part of this special event.  It was an inspiring, emotional and most of all uplifting occasion, as the Chapel rang with anthems from across the years.  

The choir of over 200 voices, led by Mr Pont, Mr Collins and Dr Ward, raised the roof in a Cornelian celebration, welcoming hundreds of guests with Parry’s “I was Glad”, followed by a programme of Mendelssohn, Bach and Kenneth Leighton’s Missa Cornelia, (commissioned by Schola in 1978 and recorded by them in 1980).  In between rehearsals, we of course found time for everyone to enjoy a delicious lunch and after Mass, a celebration tea. We were exceptionally grateful to Monsignor Vincent Brady, Private Secretary to the Apostolic Nuncio, for returning to Mayfield to celebrate Mass for us. 

We were so pleased that Sister Daphne Walker could be with us to enjoy the reunion. The day was testament to the tremendous power exerted by Schola and its Directors, and also to the incredible community that is Mayfield - past and present. To you all, for making this day so incredibly special - those who were with us in person and also those who could not be here and yet sent memories and messages, a heartfelt thank you. It was a truly inspiring day and this is due not just to our legendary Directors of Music, but to all of you who came and sang and all who supported this unique event.

Class of 1977 & Class of 2007 Reunion, September 24th 2017

We welcomed back two groups of OCs for a reunion on 24th September. Pupils from the Class of 1977 and the Class of 2007 attended a service in the Chapel before enjoying lunch in the marquee with much laughter, reminiscing and joy for those who had not seen each other in many years.  Tours of the school, trips down memory lane and a truly delicious tea with a 3-tier cake to finish – a special day and one that remains in our memories as a happy celebration of special friendships. 

Class of 1987 - 30 Year Reunion 2017

Laughter, friendship and memories filled Mayfield on Saturday 20th May as we welcomed back the Class of 1987 to celebrate their 30 year reunion. An emotional and overwhelmingly happy day and we were thrilled to welcome everyone back. 

Live Crib Cream Tea 2016

Once again, Mayfield hosted a cream tea for Old Cornelians and their families on the 7th December before the Live Crib.  We were delighted to welcome back generations of Mayfield girls to this special event and thank you all for joining us for this bustling, happy and nostalgic occasion. 

Old Cornelians' Cream Tea 2016

Year 9 girls welcomed back Old Cornelians who had been at the School in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.  The girls entertained their fellow Cornelians over afternoon tea in the Courtyard and decades of Mayfield life were compared whilst enjoying a sumptuous spread. One Year 9 commented,  "Hearing how most of their year are all in touch and are still like a little family really struck me - I don't believe that's changed". Tea was followed by tours of the School and Old Cornelians were impressed by the facilities and opportunities available to the girls today and by the mature, friendly, and intelligent self-assurance of their young companions.  The afternoon was a thoroughly enjoyable trip down memory lane for all involved, as a Year 9 commented, "I found it very interesting to hear about the Old Cornelians past memories of Mayfield, and I was taken aback when I saw two best friends reunited. I look forward to being able to celebrate being and Old Cornelian in years to come".

Live Crib 2015 & Old Cornelians' Cream Tea

The Courtyard and the Chapel were packed with Old Cornelians who had come to relive their memories, and share Mayfield's magical Live Crib with their families. A delicious tea was provided in the Courtyard, games and presents for the children were found under the Christmas tree and Old Cornelians enjoyed catching up with each other before enjoying the procession through the village at their leisure, as seating was reserved for them in Chapel.  A magical start to the festive season.

Reunion 2015 & Celebration of Sr Jean Sinclair & Sr Maria Dinnendahl's 80th Birthdays

Sunday 12th April 2015 saw hundreds of Old Cornelians and their families descend upon Mayfield for this particularly special day. A reunion full of warmth, friendship and laughter shared with a joyful celebration of special birthdays for Sr Jean and Sr Maria.

A thank you from Sister Jean Sinclair and Sister Maria Dinnendahl

The sunshine said it all: the Low Sunday celebration of our birthdays was a happy and relaxed occasion - we thank you all, former students, colleagues & families, for joining us, and thank the many who sent kind messages and cards while unable to be with us.  We were grateful to Father Dominic Jacob for celebrating Mass and joining us for lunch, and to all in school for the first class organisation, catering and other services which made it such a special day. The beautiful little stained glass plaques, created by Juliet (Josse Johnson) Forrest, will be a lasting reminder, and the trees & benches symbols for the future, as well as memories of the past.

We are most grateful for the wonderful donations for charity, which will, we hope, transform the lives of deprived and suffering people, as we disperse the funds. 

Above all we value your love, support and prayers.

With many thanks, our love & prayers

Maria and Jean

Reunion 2013 ~ 150th Anniversary

Over 350 Old Cornelians managed to reach Mayfield for a day of celebration with representatives from the 1930s to the present day. As with all good things it came to an end too soon.  Friendships were rekindled, memories and lives shared: it was a day to remember and to build upon.  Thank you to all who came, all who sent their good wishes and all who helped make the day such a success.

Reunion reflections from Old Cornelians

"I was expecting to turn up and see a few women looking a little like the girls I used to know, what I found was old friends"

"It was lovely to see the school in such a good state, so many new buildings seem to have appeared. The whole day was a triumph. A wonderful lunch and a great opportunity to get together with so many old friends"

"It was a magical gathering, we enjoyed going round the school and recognising some of our old haunts. It's an amazing place now, so much to see and it must provide a wonderful education"

"The Old Cornelians 150th anniversary reunion is a memory to recall with pleasure"

"The celebration at Mayfield was such a happy occasion. Not only were we all able to renew old friendships and revisit old haunts but we were impressed and encouraged by what we saw of the school today"

"What a happy day, it was wonderful to be there amongst so many past Mayfield girls and to catch up with good friends"

"It was wonderful to be back at Mayfield again. The school looks in great shape and I was very proud to take my daughter around and show her our classrooms, dorms and school grounds"

"It reminded me a little of Reverend Mother's feast days when we were allowed unaccustomed treats. But certainly nothing as lavish as Sunday's magnificent spread. The day reinforced many happy memories"